6th December 2008 - Video Games Getting Shorter.

I've completed Tomb Raider Underworld on the PlayStation 3, it's a brilliant game, there are a few bugs and annoyances with it but no more than in any other game.

I've also been using the Eidos forums a lot and reading what other people have said about it. Some people love the game but a few hate it and cannot stand it.

Someone was talking about the game being too short and someone else mentioned that the more graphical a game is then it's bound to be shorter because there's less resources left for the game to be larger, they can't make a big game if it won't fit on the disc.

With the exception of RPG games and those giant MMORPG type games, computer and console games seem to be getting shorter. I completed Tomb Raider Underworld in six days but I remember playing the original Tomb Raider for over a month before I completed it. It seems like the more powerful games consoles become then the smaller games are becoming. I could imagine in ten years time photo realistic games with real actors running on extremely powerful consoles, but the game only lasts ten minutes!

I wonder what the future will be and if the game's industry will ever sort it out.

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