20th December 2008 - Feeling Rundown.

I've been feeling all rundown lately. I know this isn't the sort of thing to mention on a blog but I've been feeling out of sorts and not doing much.

There's been lots of flu about but it's not that, I haven't got the flu or a cold. There's been no coughing, sneezing or headaches.

I've been having mild pain in my back, chest, right shoulder, left shoulder, belly, it moves about. I used to get cramps a lot in my legs whenever I went to bed, but I haven't been getting that. In fact I sleep within minutes of going to bed and I've been sleeping ten hours or more recently.

It has been cold and it's freezing early in the morning, I even have to wear a hat to keep my head warm. Indoors is quite cold too because I've been saving money by not using the heating as much. Maybe I've made myself ill.

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