24th July 2008 - London Film & Comic Con.

On the 19th of this month I went to the London Film & Comic Con again, I didn't mention it on this blog right away because I wanted to get some gossip from the Comic Con forums first and see what other people thought of the show.

I went with my brother, I was dressed as captain Picard with a shaven head and he went as Dr Bashir. There were other people in Star Trek costume too but not that many. I think most of the Star Trek fans were waiting for Sunday when Patrick Stewart was going to attend but we could only be there on Saturday. :(

It was quite spacious this time, there were still lots of guests and people attending but there seemed to be less stalls this time. There were still 1000's of things to buy if you had the money.

I got autographs of Barbara Coles and Carrie Henn from the Aliens movie, Carrie Henn is all grown up now not a little girl like in the film. It's hard to believe that Aliens is a 22 year old movie that came out in 1986.

I had lots of photos taken with other people and cosplayers as well as the Tardis from Dr Who and props from Indiana Jones. Data's head from Star Trek was also there and I regret not taking a photo of it.

Now here's some gossip from the forums, without naming names:

  • On the Sunday there was a Patrick Stewart chat and if anyone wanted to ask a question they were handed a microphone, there were so many people there that no one would hear without the microphone. A lot of people were asking serious questions and some usual light hearted questions. A regular attendee of the shows asked a question and received a reply then he continued asking more and finally said something like, "I used to do this a lot", then Patrick Stewart replied, "Really? What went wrong?" Everyone started laughing. When the man sat back down he continued heckling at everthing that was said but he had no microphone so no one could hear apart from all the people sitting next to him who were very annoyed indeed. On the forums someone mentioned that they had to pay 25 for the Patrick Stewart talk but couldn't hear anything because of the heckling man. Later on the forums the man apologized and said it was because he was on his own and not with his wife that day that made him do it.

  • Also on the forums there was a section where people could post their photos. Two women posed with a male celebrity hugging him from both his sides, one of who had their leg up leaning across his crouch. He had a bright red face and the posting said that it was a great photo despite the fact that he was looking scared. People made different comments about it and other photos. My point was if it had been a female celebrity and two men were hugging her either side with one of them leaning their leg across her, while she looked frightened, would it have been an acceptable photo?

Next time I'm going to take more money and get a lot more autographs and action figures/statuettes. I don't need more comics because I have enough to last me for at least a year. I may wear a different costume but it'll depend on who the guests are. Wearing a Star Trek costume with no Star Trek guest would be a bit silly. I'm tempted to go as Dr Who but I look nothing like him.

In the future I may be doing a book signing at one of the shows but I don't know yet, it will be at least next year if I do.

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