25th June 2008 - Cat Food.

I always buy cat food in Tesco because it's just around the corner from where I live. Tesco has got self service tills as well as the normal tills but sometimes the self sevice ones are closed depending on the time of day. Thay are convenient if you're only buying a few groceries rather than a lot of shopping.

What I normally do after doing my shopping is to check the receipt and make sure it's correct to make sure I wasn't charged for the same thing twice etc. But I never thought of checking to see if the prices were correct.

I bought a box of cat crunchies that cost 34p, I normally would buy them at the same time as other shopping but I bought them seperately. At the till the cost was 44p, I told the woman at the till and she sent someone to check and they were baffled as to why the prices didn't tally then they realised the price displayed on the shelf was for the 375 grammes pack not the 500 grammes pack, even though they don't sell the 375 grammes version. But I had been buying them for months and not realising the price was wrong. :(

They've corrected the price now, there must have been a lot of people ripped off because of it.

Thomas laying on his scratch post waiting for his cat crunchies.

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