21st November 2008 - Alison Carroll, Lara Croft Model.

I've been updating one of my websites with info about Tomb Raider Underworld that comes out tomorrow. I then realised that I had forgotten to update the Lara models section and needed to add a bio and pictures of Alison Carroll the official Lara Croft model. So I searched the internet and looked for pictures of her.

She's a gymnast so unsurprisingly a lot of the pictures were of her doing high kicks and acrobatics. What I found surprising though were the amount of pictures where you could see up her shorts, and in one of the pictures I was sure I could see her *****. Or maybe it was black underwear made to look like something else. They're all professional photos so surely any mistakes wouldn't have been posted online.

I remember hearing that Lara Croft's creator Toby Guard once quit when the Lara image was being used in an overly sexual way. He then came back years later when making Tomb Raider Legend. I wouldn't have thought he would agree to pictures like that.

I know that sex sells and there's always a fine line between when something is seen as sexy and when something is blantantly sexual. For example Lara dressed wearing a skin tight wetsuit while swimming could be seen as sexy but still realistic, whereas if she was wearing a cutdown wetsuit with her cleavage showing it would be too obviously sexual. I hope I explained that right.

Anyway I think a model dressed as Lara showing her crouch and hooha are a bit too over the top for my liking. This is just my opintion, I'm not saying it should be banned or anything but I'm saying that companies such as Eidos should keep a careful eye on things like that.

There are lots of nice pics of Alison Carroll too.

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