6th October 2007 - Facebook Annoyance.

Some time ago I set up an account with Facebook, it's similar to MySpace but has less features but easier to use. After I set up the account I realised it wasn't for me, it wasn't what I wanted. One of the main annoyances about it is that only members are allowed to view people's profiles, so it's one of those sites where you have to sign up to before you can even see what it's about.

I de-activated my account but today I had an email saying someone had added me as a friend. I thought maybe I hadn't deleted my account properly so I went back to it so I could sign in, it displayed a message that my account was de-activated and I would have to re-activate it.

I think it was a scam just to get me to re-activate my account just like those junk emails that pretend someone has added you on a dating agency that you don't even use. I wouldn't have thought Facebook would stoop so low.

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