17th November 20007 - Ebay Annoyance.

I've been ripped off so many times in the past by ebay. On two seperate occasions I've bought DVDs that were copies, I've bought an original painting that was a print, I've paid 6.00 for post & packaging for something that cost less than 50p to post, and I've bought a printer ink cartridge that never arrived.

On the occasion with the printer ink I paid 13 and days after I sent my money I received an email from ebay telling me not to go through with the transaction because the seller had been removed. I tried to claim back my money from ebay but they said it doesn't apply to transactions under 15. So I never got any money back and couldn't even give negative feedback because he was no longer a member of ebay!

There are bargains on there sometimes though, I've bought an item for 1 penny with 4 postage that came all the way from China, I have no idea how they made any money out of that but they were selling a lot of items for the same price. I suppose they were hoping for more bidders to jack up the price. I've also bought a brand new item for 30 that I've seen for 130 in the shops.

Anyway the reason for writing is I had the winning bid for a selection of comics and I paid using Paypal, they then rejected my Paypal transaction and in effect gave me my money back by not accepting it. They want me to pay using Paypal to a different Paypal account but I'm not going to, it seems like a scam to me, so I'll probably get negative feedback for refusing to pay.

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