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Silly screenshots taken from online gaming!

Online gaming is a strange but very addictive way to pass the time, you sit down to play for an hour then before you know it you've spent an entire evening playing. At first it's all about shooting and excitement but then you get to know your fellow gamers and you join a clan then arrange times to meet up and play. You end up forming relationships with people you don't really know and it becomes more of a social event than a game about shooting each other. The game itself becomes secondary and it's the people you meet in this virtual world that become important, the game draws you in and it becomes an obsession and a form of reality. The most exciting thing about online games is knowing that the characters you see on the screen are controlled by real people. If you shoot someone there is actually someone on the other end pissed off with you but if you are nice to them and team up they'll become an online friend. It doesn't matter what sort of person you are in real life, you can end up with masses of online pals.

I've played online as a female punk with two sisters and we were The Empire Triplets, I've been a giant muscle man named Jubjub and had a pet slave named Jungle Fever, I've been a half-woman half-robot named Edwina-209, I've been a half-man half-monster named Stinky and had an online marriage with a woman named LostSoul, I've shared an online bath with a woman named Pretzel and a man dressed as Spiderman while flipping my finger at passers by who didn't know how to double-jump to reach us, I've seen a woman who flashed herself naked just before shooting me dead, I've swam inside a giant toilet to have a secret meeting about how to undermine another gaming clan's morale to get them to fight among themselves. All this in a game that's main purpose is to shoot each other and gain a higher score!

This website is full of silly pictures and mistakes that sometimes occur in online games, if you've never played an online game before then hopefully it will give you a feel as to what it's like.

Warning: Some of the screenshots on this site contain slight nudity and cheeky comments.



"Silly Gamer" website by Raymond Johnson. www.raysnet.com.
Some screenshots provided by Pretzel, LisaB and The Empire Triplets.

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