Warm Flutter.
Copyright 2017, 2020 by Raymond Johnson. Third edition.
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Dedicated to all my readers who’ve given me invaluable feedback on my books.

“No object is mysterious, the mystery is your eye.” – Elizabeth Bowen.

Whilst waking on a particularly cold night a child finds herself attracted by a bright light that illuminates her home, warming her body as well as her heart. She decides to leave the safety of her home and join her friends basking in the warmth as the flutter of snow begins to fall. All is not as it seems however and the glowing orb isn’t as welcoming as it first appeared.


The mutter of whispered voices echoed around my mind as I awoke from my sleep. In my slumbered state I was unsure as to whether I was dreaming but as my eyes tried their best to adjust to the light I realised the hushed voices were real, as to the light however I was still oblivious as to its cause. Was it morning already? It had been at the pitch of night when I settled down yet now all I could see was bright sunshine.

The whispered voices from my friends marvelled at the spectacle before them as they stared at the light with awe. My eyes flickered as the silhouettes of my fellows mingled with their own shadows as though dancing among themselves.

The chill surrounding my body was a constant reminder that it was still winter yet part of me grasped at the idea that I had slept the entire season and it was now spring. It was a crazy notion. I was still groggy and wanted nothing more than to lay down my head and continue my sleep but the distraction of light was too powerful.

My friends began making their way outside through the open door of our home. Without hesitation I followed and swiftly made my way towards the light. The chill within my body instantly vanished and was replaced with a warm pleasurable tingling sensation.

There was laughter and screams of delight as we danced around the light, smiling happily in a state of pure bliss. I wished the moment would never end. Others from our home joined us, including my parents, who rather than punishing me for leaving the house joined in with the dancing. Everyone was happy.

The flutter of snowflakes gently fell from the sky and we all knew all too well that we would soon have to return home but as of that moment we were safe within the light, or so we thought.

I quickly lurched back, yelping with pain, for I had inadvertently bumped my head into the glowing yellow orb.

It was clear I had to be careful for it was hot, but there was just something about it that drew me closer. I needed to keep a clear head and not venture too close as to enjoy the moment without getting carried away. However, it was as though I was trapped within a trance, the light drawing me closer. Again and again I burnt myself as I repeatedly drew too close. It was clear my friends too were caught within its spell and getting dangerously burned.

The gentle flutters of snow continued to fall from the sky melting around the light causing me a dilemma. Should I stay within the warmth and protection of the glowing orb and risk getting burned, or should I risk flying back home and getting caught within the snowflakes? The hypnotic light drew me closer giving me to real choice. I just hoped I would survive the night.



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