Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

Tracer is a fictional character from the video game known as Overwatch which is a light hearted online shooter. Tracer's main facet is the fact that she can dash around very quickly so it's difficult to shoot at her yet she does take a fair amount of skill to control. It's common for players to teabag one another when they make their kill which basically means crouching up and down repeatedly in their face to tease them. It's a very simplistic poem that I made spontaneously for a gaming blog on the 23rd January 2020.

Ode To Tracer's Bum

Ow you just shot me,
I didn't see you there,
You came from the shadows,
With a wave in your hair.

You zoom like a flash,
As you zig and you zag,
Then you laugh at me,
While you tea-bag.

I stare up at you above,
Not believing my eyes,
Your bum hovers above my face,
As though giving me a consultation prize.

I know Widowmaker's reputation,
For her amazing shapely bum,
But she's too cold hearted,
Whereas you're a good chum.

Your ever tight leggings,
Fit as firmly as a glove,
As you mock and tease me,
Yet I say to you cheers love.


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