Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I wrote this poem late on a rainy night, in October 2012, while thinking about the past and how my life has changed over the years. In many aspects my life has improved while in others it has gotten a lot worse. I'm also fully aware that dwelling on the past can cause new problems to arise in the present, and it's important to learn from previous mistakes rather than re-live them. This poem starts off as a conventional rhyme then suddenly changes structure resulting in a mixture of styles. To be honest I don't like the structure of the ending, but I don't like to change poetry too much.

Time War

At first you're young and carefree,
You run,
You fall,
You scrape your knee.

Just another poem that's full of rhyme,
Nothing new,
For it has been done,
Many a time.

But this is different,
This changes within mid flow,
No more rhythm,
No more jollity,
It is time to go.

A new beginning,
Another end,
Where do we go from here,
What once was for certain,
Descending into chaos.

It used to be,
When we were young,
The future's fixed always ahead,
Then we realise time always travels,
And what was to be has become what was.

We lose loved ones along the way,
As though killed in battle,
Within the war on time,
A continuing struggle,
To fight the inevitable.

Until we too are struck down,
Wondering where we lost our way,
We should have seized it,
We should have used it,
Instead it was squandered on what once was.


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