Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I wrote this poem on a foggy day at the beginning of November 2015. There had been bright sunshine for a number of days and my cat Squeaky would sleep on a cupboard in front of the window basking in the warm autumn sun. But the sunshine didn't last and was soon replaced by cold fog causing her to sleep by the heater instead. I wrote the poem spontaneously without worrying too much about rhyme or structure. I could tidy it up but I don't like to alter poetry too much.

Sleepy Squeaky

 Oh, Squeaky where did the sun go?
High way up there in the sky,
While we shiver below.

Just yesterday you bathed in all its rays,
Warming your shiny fur,
As you purred while you lazed.

Peering your head around the net curtain,
You watched the birds that go tweet,
All part of your plan.

But alas you have to slumber,
In front of the radiator,
But it's for the sun that you hunger.

Maybe it will return,
As the clouds part and fog lifts,
For this is something we both yearn.


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