Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

Naryu Virian is a fictional character from the video game known as Elder Scrolls Online. She's essentially an undercover spy who appears throughout the game giving the player quests to perform. She's intelligent, strong, cheeky and flirty all rolled into one and is a very popular character. This quatrain style of poem is basically about facets of her personality and why I like her so much.

Quatrain To Naryu Virian

Naryu, Naryu, Naryu,
I hear your name across the wind,
I don't really know you,
Yet it was because of you that I grinned.

Always in disguise,
Hiding within the shadows,
I'm always in surprise,
When you appear from among the barrows.

You are clever and very wise,
Yet witty and fun,
For me you always advise,
Then make flirty comments about my bum.

It is for you that I play,
For you that I quest,
I game night and day,
Because you are the best.

I hope when I reach the end,
You will still survive,
For you are my best friend,
The reason that I thrive.

You began life in a PC game,
Full of glitches and lots of bugs,
You are not to blame,
You're not the one that sucks.

The game was fixed and more,
Making it glisten in the sunshine,
Converted to PS4,
Called Elder Scrolls Online.

That's the end of this silly poem,
I hope you found it witty,
It sounds funny if it's spoken,
Yet you will feel silly.


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