Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I wrote this poem in September 2013 just after a death in my family. It was expected and I thought I had prepared, but by coincidence I had other unrelated matters to deal with, with one problem after another, causing me anger at others who were not allowing me to grieve as my other immediate problems were in the way of my thoughts. It's complicated to explain all the fine details but basically I was waiting to receive a reply from an important letter that could effect my future but I felt suspicious that something so simple and routine was intentionally made all the more complicated.

Life In Limbo

I traverse my path at a steady pace,
No need to hurry it's not a race,
I walk my own speed in any case,
No scars of impatience upon my face.

Then you vanish from my life,
The pain feeling like a knife,
Then another begins to strife,
Causing me to wonder if the intention was to connive.

This cannot be a coincidence,
What is your defence,
That you already told me whence,
Your words make no sense.

You're in my way come back henceforth in future months to come,
I can deal with you later when I have more time to um,
Time for me to think of retort and them some,
Instead I have to wait with a wince in my tum.

What do I do until your reply,
All these pains caused by stress I sigh,
Was it a genuine problem caused by I?
Or did you make it all up just being sly?


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