Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I wrote this poem in 2009 when my cat named Jubjub passed away. It's about how I and my other cats miss him. It's difficult to know what a cat is thinking and whether they are capable of grieving for another, but when two cats play together and one is no longer there the other is definitely effected by having no one to play with. The poem is written in a happy style celebrating his life.

My Cat Jubjub
(19th April 1998 - 7th August 2009)

This is my cat named Jubjub,
His bright eyes stare with excitement,
He loves to act naughty, playful and cheeky,
While chasing his best friend Squeaky.

They chase each other around the flat,
Climbing the walls and door,
Enjoying life as they play,
Morning, night, noon and day.

His shiny black fur glistens,
As he readies himself for sleep,
Then Bobo huddles next to him in bed,
Wanting him to lick her head.

He purrs deeply as he lays with Thomas,
His mind filled with content,
They both look so adoring,
Until Thomas starts his snoring.

He was born from a fluffy white cat named Lily,
And adopted into my home,
His friends Bobo, Thomas, Squeaky and me
All miss him deeply.


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