Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

Poetry is an unusual form of communication in that it's the feelings of the author being described more so than a description of actual events taking place.

I never studied poetry and don't claim to be a poet but even so I often find myself wanting to write down my feelings even if the reader doesn't fully understand the event it's referring to. I think people pick up on things mentioned in poetry and link it to events within their own lives feeling empathy for the author. Many famous poems are unclear as to the subject matter being told and yet the reader can be overcome with emotion and fully understand what the poet is communicating.

The problem with words is their meaning can differ depending on the reader. Two words may have the exact same meaning defined in the dictionary yet one carries more emotion than the other. Does a poet use that to his or her advantage or ignore the varying strengths of words? I think it would depend on what message the poet is trying to convey. Another aspect of poetry that doesn't apply to story telling is the mood of the author at the time. Any mistakes an author makes have to be left alone, because if the author has changed mood during the corrections phase the meaning of the poem has changed. A typo or spelling mistake could possibly be corrected but anything beyond that will destroy its original meaning.

Anyway those are my thoughts about poetry, as I said I've never formally studied the subject. Below is a selection of poems I have written, I hope you enjoy them.


Hello Kitty


My Cat Jubjub

Christmas Poem

Lighter Days

Pitter Patter

Ode To The Belly Button

Time War

My Ode To The Sun Queen

Laura's Craft: The Immediate Curse

Life In Limbo


Quatrain For Naryu Virian

Sleepy Squeaky

Clearing The Air

Friendship Is Magic

I Try...


Perfect Lyrics

Fairy Witch

Ode To Tracer's Bum


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