Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

This poem comes in the form or a curse when performing a lethal act of self-defence. It's taken from a web story I wrote about a Wiccan steampunk archaeologist named Laura Kelly. While the curse poem itself is a little extreme the story it's taken from is light hearted and is in no way meant to be taken seriously.

Laura's Craft: The Immediate Curse

I curse you,
You who are full of hate,
I call upon Mother Nature,
To seal your fate.

You dare to threaten,
The gift I hold most dear,
I stand before you strong,
For I've nothing to fear.

I give you fair warning,
For I am a Wiccan,
You get just one chance,
Flee while you can.

We are all born from one,
Created in Nature's womb,
Now it's time to abort you,
I impend your doom.


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