Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I wrote this poem in July 2014. It's basically a simple poem that rhymes the last two words of the second and last line of each verse. It's all about my love for Hello Kitty even though I'm the wrong age and sex of their target audience. I don't really like the last line but it rhymes and is a little funny.

Hello Kitty

Hello, Hello Kitty,
You have an unusual name,
It makes you sound more friendly,
Gentle, kind and tame.

You and your sister Mimi,
Are always lots of fun,
You dance and you frolic,
In the midday sun.

So playfully innocent,
And so full of charm,
Your message is to enjoy life,
And do to others no harm.

I watch you on TV,
I see you night and day,
You spread kindness and friendship,
So happy and gay.

I read your magazine each month,
Filling in the puzzles,
Colouring the pictures,
Forgetting all my troubles.

I know I am silly,
And I should grow up,
But no one else can replace you,
Except maybe a cute pup.


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