Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I wrote this poem in April 2018 as part of a promotional video on YouTube about a book called Fairy Witch. It's a simple poem that rhymes the last words of each pair of verses, whilst adding an extra line on the final verse.

Fairy Witch

Once upon a time,
There was a lush forest,
Where fairies played...

Scampering through the foliage,
And flying among the trees,
Living a happy life unafraid.

Then an evil witch,
Grabbed the fairies,
Trapping them in a jar...

They tried to escape,
But to no avail,
It was really quite bizarre.

Eighty years passed,
The evil witch was caught,
And got into a fight...

Attacked by her own spell,
Cracking the glass jar,
Releasing the little sprite.

The witch was bleeding,
Her wound infected,
Requiring a stitch...

She was no longer good or bad,
But something in between,
For she had become the
Fairy Witch!!!


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