Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I wrote this poem in early December during a windy day that would suddenly gust causing leaves and dust to fly through the air before dropping them to the ground. There were birds too struggling to fly and I wondered if it was just another windy day for them or if they were in actual danger. This poem doesn't rhyme and it's in the style of haiku.

Clearing The Air

A calmness surrounds,
Within illusion of peace,
For you are hidden.

Ready to break forth,
To expel your pent up wrath,
And blow forth your rage.

Trees dance together,
Shedding their leaves until bare,
Bowing at your might.

The black crows panic,
The pigeons cower under bush,
Too afraid to swoop.

Are you a monster?
Or are you Mother Nature?
A furious God?

You are just the wind,
Sweeping at the year's remains
Ready for the new.


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