Poetry Corner
A small selection of poetry by Raymond Johnson

I got the idea for this poem after I accidentally cut myself just above my belly button and was having difficulty putting a plaster on due to the position of the cut. The poem is light hearted describing facets of the belly button within a simple rhyming structure.

Ode To The Belly Button

What a strange little thing you are,
The left over remains of a scar.

Everyone has one, from very young to very old,
Some leaving you dirty, filled with blue fluff caused by mould.

You look like a large dimple, twisted and knotted,
When your owner has freckles you are pale and spotted.

Some say you do nothing, like a dried up prune,
While others say internally you're essential to keep us immune.

Some like to pierce you with a needle,
While others play with you, they twist and they tweedle.

You're normally an innie but sometimes you poke out,
Especially during pregnancy when you sprout.

To some you are sexual and deeply alluring,
To others you're just a dent that sits there maturing.

Why do I like you, why is it that I'm fond,
Please tell me now, please do respond.


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