The Elder Scrolls Online Playthrough
By Raymond Johnson. (

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Why I Wanted To Play It.

This playthrough is for the original PlayStation 4 version of The Elder Scrolls Online. There have been multiple updates and add-ons since.

I've played lots of RPG style games over the years on the PC. I beta tested RF Online then went on to purchase the game. I've also played Guild Wars and World Of Warcraft. I never fully completed them however and often spent more time fooling around than actually carrying out a quest. To be honest I didn't really feel comfortable sitting in front of the PC for long stretches of time and would much rather sit on the sofa in front of a large TV than at a computer desk.

Venetica was the first RPG I played on console which I played through from beginning to end three times completing every quest it had to offer. But with it being a single player game all the focus was upon completing it.

When I heard that The Elder Scrolls Online was coming out on the PS4 I was delighted and eager to play it, even if it meant paying a monthly subscription on top of PlayStation Plus. The reviews of the PC version however were abysmal and YouTube was full of people complaining about the many glitches and problems. Sometimes the game would totally crash, sometimes quests would fail to work, and there were complaints that some features of the game required payment for the DLC content which for a subscription based game was beyond the pale.

I knew that the problems would likely be ironed out before the console release but then news was released that the Xbox One and PS4 versions were delayed by six months. My suspicion was that the game didn't meet Microsoft's and Sony's quality control. After six months passed by there was still no news of the console version and people suspected that it had been abandoned. After about a year from its original release date it was suddenly announced that the game was due very soon. They had dropped the monthly charge too, other than the usual Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscription. There was still DLC content to pay for but it wasn't a necessity.

I was still a little weary as to whether to purchase it but downloaded it anyway as a pre-order meaning I could download and install it before the midnight launch. There was also a hefty 15 gig update patch which I'm sure annoyed a lot of people who weren't expecting it.


First Impressions.

When first playing The Elder Scrolls Online there was a little annoyance when it asked me to enter my email address, which I later had to confirm by clicking upon a link on my PC. I purchased the game for the PS4, I have a PS4 user name, why should I need an email address? What about people who don't have an email address? I don't understand why gaming companies do this.

I was then presented with the character creation screen while a melody of atmospheric music plays in the background. It's a good idea to spend some time on this as the character's looks can vastly differ depending on the faction and race you select. Items such as weapons, armour and clothing are available from merchants within the game so there isn't much variety within the initial character creation. You can also select to display the character within their underwear as to add tattoos and scars to their body. It's amazing as to the variety of skin pigmentation, body pimples, moles, etc that can be selected. Body shape can be altered too changing muscle mass and body fat, but I'm not sure if this has any effect on the character's final strength. You also have the option to selected a character name so you don't have to stick with your usual PS4 user name. You can also select multiple characters if you so desire but I didn't notice that you can't simply continue the game where you left off if you choose to change character.

I won't give too much away as to the story as to avoid spoilers but after the character screen you find yourself in a prison cell and in the events that follow you are aided by another character, who explains the controls, just to ease you into the main game. I'm unsure if this is the same for all characters however, if you were playing as a different race for example.

The graphics aren't as top notch as you'd expect on a PS4. They pretty much look previous gen. If you run through a field the grass doesn't move, if you run through snow the footprints vanish behind you, there's lots of distant popup, and you're also able to run through other characters. But I don't feel this is important as it's gameplay that really matters and I don't like the idea of quality graphics at the expense of gameplay. Incidentally the gameplay is brilliant! I have yet to see any of the problems that plagued the PC version.

The game's highly addictive and I often play for hours at a time not realising how much time has passed by. I'm constantly having to recharge my PS4 joypad.



Dyeing Outfits.

There are various locations within the game where you can dye an existing outfit. There aren't as many dyers than there are merchants so you'll see need to have a good look around. It doesn't cost you any gold and the result is purely decorative, you gain no abilities from dying clothing. The only negative is that once you've dyed an outfit you can no longer trade it with another player.

I've gleamed up my outfit with bright pinks and greens making me stand out more in a crowd. I usually have to change into armour however for heavy battles.

My new outfit.


It's Snowing.

After getting past the zombie-like bad guys they stopped chasing me, so rather than entering the building behind like I was supposed to I decided to play a tune on the flute. It attracts other players too so they know where to go then I assist in killing the zombies. There are also some people to rescue too in that area so have a good look around.

Anyway, while I was playing the flute, it started snowing. It's the first time I've seen that happen in this game. It's not very clear in the picture but there was a lot of heavy snowfall.

Playing the flute while it snows.


Winged Twilight.

So far I've seen this character twice flying around. The first time I saw her I was totally agasp due to the fact that I had never seen any other character, bot or otherwise, that even came close to having that look. There is a monster bat later in the game but even that doesn't come close to how Winged Twilight looks.

In case you're wondering she's not a character bot or a real person, but something in between. She's a pet. She's controlled by a real person playing the game but not directly, she follows the player who owns her, watching over them. I've got a pet crab but don't have it activated because I find it annoying.

A protecting pet.


Quest Bugs.

The game's not anywhere as near as buggy as the PC version when it first came out but there can be an occasional glitch. In most cases it's because someone else picks up a quest item that you need and you have to wait for the item to respawn. This happened to me recently by a player who had the word "Volunteer" next to his name meaning that he wasn't even carrying out the quest, he just happened to be in the same location. He picked up an item he didn't yet need causing me to have to wait.

One annoying quest glitch was when I had to rescue a character named Sen Dres. I went to the location but he simply wasn't there. I was wearing a guard disguise so it's possible that may have been the cause of the problem. The next day I removed the guard disguise and went to the same location and Sen Dres was there waiting to be rescued.

Where's he gone?


Error Message.

This has been doing this a lot lately. After starting the game and selecting my character as soon as I begin to play this error message occurs. Simply pressing the X button makes it vanish and the game plays as normal but it is a very odd thing on witness on a PS4. Error messages on PC games aren't a rare occurrence but on a game console it's very unusual. I wouldn't have thought error messages existed within console gaming code and the game would ignore it. It's possible it could be a server error as it is an online game after all.

UI Error.


Another 15 Gig update.

There's a new update and my internet connection appears slow today. It looks as though I'm going to have to miss playing it for today. I like the idea of bug fixes and they've listed what's been fixed on the official website so at least people know what the update is for. It's just something we're going to have to put up with once in a while.



Naryu Virian.

Naryu Virian is one of the most mysterious characters within the game. It is later revealed as to who she really is but I won't mention it here to avoid spoilers.

When you first meet her she's secretive and the only thing she's willing to reveal is that you're both on the same side, later in the game she will tell you who she is but only if you ask. Sometimes she wears a face mask and sometimes she doesn't so it's not her face she's trying to hide but something else.

It's one of the many things I love about this game. It contains so many plots and sub-plots to the story with so many levels of intrigue. I'm sure many people love this game but for totally different reasons.



Flirting With Characters.

One thing that amuses me about this game is when a character makes a flirting comment, it's especially funny because it's only female characters that do this and I'm playing as a female dark elf so they're essentially lesbian flirts. There is no way to respond to the flirts however so it's only ever one sided.

I've had a character saying she wants to kiss me for what I did, then go coy and say she didn't mean it literally. I've had another character say she wants to go to a quiet place with me for some fun. Even one of the main game characters Naryu Virian said "Like what you see, hero? Of course you do," when I was looking at her. Actually I'm really taking a shine to Naryu Virian, I hope she's in it a lot more.

Naryu likes to compliment me.


Laueva Areloth likes me too.


Naryu Virian's Changing Appearance.

I thought I embarrassed myself on this playthrough by getting two characters mixed up so I had to recheck. A lot of the characters look very much alike and with their old style names it's difficult to keep track. There must be hundreds of characters in this game each with an individual name and in many cases their own voice, although I'm sure some characters do sound alike.

Naryu Virian sometimes wears a face mask and sometimes doesn't, but I've also noticed her hair is totally different too depending on whether she's masked or not. She is certainly the same character though.

Naryu with a face mask.


Naryu without.


Vanishing Quest.

I was given a quest to Escort Vox To Selfora but while travelling to meet up with Vox I had to fight guards to prove my worth to them, rescue a man from a cage and give him a book, rescue a woman who was lost, collect a potion to put out fires, use the potion to put out two fires saving two people, and fight (twice) with the ghost of someone who was also named Vox.

To be honest I was quite irritated that what I thought was a side quest of saving a lost woman dragged on and on opening up ever more quests.

Anyway the Escort Vox To Selfora quest vanished even before I fought with the Vox ghost. I wasn't even sure who Vox was having lost track of the story due to not meeting her. I've no idea if this was a gaming glitch or it was because it conflicted with the other quests, but I think I'll stick to one quest at a time in future.

The spirit of Saint Veloth then told me he would help me defeat Vox even though I already defeated her twice while she was a ghost. Maybe I need to do it again. I don't know what she actually did or why I had to defeat her.

I've lost track of what to do.


I've Got My Own Winged Twilight.

Yay! All those side quests that dragged on and on have paid off. I've levelled up and gained lots of skill points and was able to use them to increase my spells and gain a Winged Twilight of my own.

She's not a pet that follows an does nothing, she's created by a spell and I've binded, or is it bound, her to the O button. Whenever I need help during a battle I summon her and she fights alongside me. She can die but so long as I have enough spell energy I can re-summon her. It's like having another person to assist during battles, and I find her main advantage is that she distracts the enemy giving me time to cast other spell. She was essential today in the battle against Vox.

A Winged Twilight of my very own.


Remnants Of Old Quests.

It appears the Ordinators haven't been informed that I finished that quest some time ago. In fact if I do pay a visit to the Sacred Lady she repeats the same information, thanking me for my help, without initiating a new quest.

In some ways this is realistic as how else would the Ordinators know unless someone informs them, but the game doesn't work based upon realism. In other words it's a glitch.

I already did that.


Telling me the same thing.


A Refreshing Shower.

A fountain in the town square is a good place to cool off while listening to someone play the lute. After so many quests my character needed a break. Laying down underwater is refreshing too and no matter how long you remain you cannot drown. It's a good way to hide from marauders too.

Ironically it was a hot day when I took these screenshots so it was a bit of a tease to cool off within the game whilst still boiling hot in real life.

That feels good.


Laying beneath the water.


A Character Apologising.

I was playing today and I met up with a character named Vicecanon Servyna who was hiding with others inside a cave. She wasn't part of my quest but the game often allows conversations with secondary characters so I tried to speak with her. She said she recognised me but is unwilling to talk in case I'm a skin-stealer. (A character disguised as another by wearing their skin). She then started pacing up and down the cave.

Later, after chatting with others and performing a quest, when I tried to speak with Vicecanon Servyna again she apologised. The apology wouldn't have made any sense if I hadn't already spoken to her.

I love the way this game keeps track of what has and what hasn't been said even when the conversation has nothing to do with the main plot or quests that are taking place.

Vicecanon Servyna.


Changing Voices.

While chatting to a fellow member of the Mages guild, the best guild of them all, I noticed that the tone of her voice changed while she was speaking. Valaste is someone with a happy personality who puts a positive spin on everything she says but it was as though her mood would change from one paragraph to the next.

I've a suspicious feeling the voice actress wasn't available when the game creators realised she needed more dialog so someone else has stepped in and imitated her voice. I've no way to confirm this but if you ever have a conversation with Valaste you'll likely notice it too.

Valaste has a strange voice.


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