Before you begin you need to select which character you wish to be. Each has different abilities, talents, strengths and weaknesses effecting the way the story unfolds.

Naomi is a 17 year old college student who studies Geography, Fine Art and French. She dresses in the style of a goth and acts very moody but in reality is a happy person. She has a reputation of being a goody-goody teacher's pet. A strong psychic energy runs through her family line but as of yet she is unaware of her gift.

Paul is 19 and is retaking his studies due to failing them the first time round. He studies Physics, Chemistry and Sociology. He has no ambition in life, with no plans for the future, and is proud of his reputation of being a slob. He doesn't believe in ghosts, the paranormal or anything of a superstitious nature.

Miss Pringle is a substitute teacher who only barely scrapped through her teaching qualifications some five years earlier. She is completely out of her depth in whatever she attempts and has the reputation of being a pushover. She's naive in many ways but is very sweet and kind hearted.


Who will you be?



Miss Pringle?