Out Of Your Wits

Upon your journey home from college you decide to pay a visit to the home of your college professor who has been acting very strangely over the last few days. However once you arrive at his house you notice something odd through the small window of the cellar causing you to come to the conclusion that something sinister is taking place. The professor has been dealing with the forbidden science of the occult and has opened a portal to the afterlife. Your task is to stop him and end his evil experiment before you die of fright.

Out Of Your Wits is a light hearted, interactive, horror story containing puzzle solving and occasional violence. As the story unfolds you are given options as to what to do next, each option has a different outcome causing the story to flow into a different direction. If at any point you wish to save your position and continue another time simply bookmark the page within your web browser. It takes about half an hour to read through, but with all the alternative plots, different characters and multi endings you'll need to re-read it many, many times to get fully through the story.

The ghost cannot physically harm you, it is only your fear that will hold you back.

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"Out Of Your Wits" by Raymond Johnson. www.raysnet.com.
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