Playing Tips

Oni isn't very challenging mentally but is still very hard to play. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. Windows 10. I personally cannot get this game to work with Windows 10. It will install and start, but the mouse movement is incredibly slow and jerky. Whereas I never had a problem with Windows 7. The Anniversary Edition update doesn't fix this issue either. There is discussion online with some people stating they don't have any problems playing this game with Windows 10 so it's really just a matter of installing it and giving it a try.

2. When you start the game you are given the option the select the difficulty level; Easy, Normal or Hard. Easy means very hard, Normal means nearly impossible and Hard means completely impossible!

3. At the start of every level any objects you are carrying disappear including your gun and hypo sprays.

4. If you see a bad guy attacking an innocent bystander don't just run away. Help the bystander because sometimes they will reward you with an object such as a hypo spray or some ammo clips.

5. If you attack a bad guy and he drops his gun it will disappear after a short time. So if you need it pick it up right away.

6. If there's a large group of bad guys it is a lot easier to fight them one at a time. To do this try to attract one of them by letting them see you. They will run towards you and you can fight out of view of the others.

7. If you are being chased by a lot of bad guys hide behind a wall. The very second you are out of view they will stop chasing you and say 'Scanning the area' a few times then leave. Although this tip doesn't always work.

8. Practice kicking and punching backwards. This is very useful when being attacked by two bad guys at the same time.

9. If you hit a bad guy and he falls to the floor you can press crouch and kick him while he is down.

10. At one point during the game you have to make a decision whether to kill Commander Griffin, who double crossed you, or let him live. The decision you make will effect the end of the game and it's a lot easier if you do let him live because he will help you later on. (Thanks to Kai Janson for this tip).

11. The PC version uses the keyboard for movement and the mouse for fighting and there is no option for a joypad. If you wish to redefine the keys you can alter the defaults in the 'key_config' file saved in the Oni directory on your computer. It clearly states what key does what allowing you to redefine them.

12. The PC version contains a rare but serious error where it sometimes loses your savegame data meaning you'll have to start the game over from the beginning. To avoid this happening backup your savegame data by creating a copy of the file called 'persist' that is stored on the Oni folder on your computer.


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