Nit Picks

Oni, like every other game, contains mistakes of one sort or another. Here is a list of them.

1. There is a lot of stealth action in Oni and it's good to be able to creep up slowly behind a bad guy and kill him in a single move. They can hear you if you walk, run or fire a weapon but if you open a door or speak to them they don't notice.

2. On the box it clearly states that there are 17 massive levels but in fact there are 14!

3. At the start of some levels Konoko has a different outfit. Does this mean she stopped chasing the bad guys, went home and changed, then came back?

4. If you hit an innocent bystander they yell out and say 'I am innocent' or 'Why is this happening?' At the start of the second level a receptionist presses an alarm button and bad guys attack you but if you hit her she protests like an innocent person but surly she's a bad person too.

5. Every scientist and bystander looks alike. A lot of the bad guys are alike too.

6. On the 'Airport Cargo Hangers' level is a hanger guarded by 2 bad guys. There are spotlights lighting the building but above the door is a light without any bulb!

Strange light.

7. During the 'TCTF Regional HQ' stage you have to help other TCTF officers and stop the bad guys attacking them. At one point a policewoman was attacked and killed. Then while dead she said, 'Hi...excuse me...where are you going...sorry...over here.' Then she was alive again and gave me some ammo clips. This did only happen once but I thought I may as well mention it anyway.

Strange woman.

8. Sometimes other TCTF officers attack innocent bystanders! The game also allows Konoko to do the same if she so wishes, or even attack the other police officers. If you do choose to turn rogue there is no consequence, you can still win the game.

She's not a bad guy!

9. This stupid airport worker killed himself by walking into the fire. What is the point of trying to save everyone's lives if they are stupid enough to do such a thing?

Stupid idiot!

10. Whenever I shot this man he would fall to the floor and suddenly reappear again perfectly okay. I must have shot him at least twenty times yet he still comes back. He must be indestructible.


11. Some objects are out of reach. Maybe it's just me but there is no way to get that hypo, even if I did it wouldn't be possible to jump back.

How do I get that?

12. Look at the wheel on the motorbike. Wow, Bungie makes motorbikes as well as video games!

Bungie bike!


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