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Welcome to my game guide to the excellent game, known simply as Oni, available for the PlayStation 2, PC and Mac. Rather than a full walkthrough this website contains a general overview and synopsis of both the game and its story, as well as a review listing its features.

Even though this game is almost twenty years old, and the graphics dated, the amazing playability is what keeps this game popular. It contains a mix of everything; hand to hand combat, multiple combo moves, shoot-em-up style action, stealth, an intriguing storyline, anime style character design, amazing voice cast and a vast array of unlockable items to give the game replay value.

As of yet there's never been a sequel, but in many ways this adds to the charm of the game as many fans have created their own mods posting them online. There is even an add-on known as the Anniversary Edition containing lots of extras. I suspect the unique feel of the game would be lost if a true sequel were ever to be made.

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