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It found a voice... now it needs a body.


Will the future really be like Ghost In The Shell?

Computer technology is increasing at an exponential rate. It's hard to believe that an average desktop computer is literally 1000 times faster than one of 20 years ago. The speed of the internet is at a constantly increasing speed too with new broadband companies offering yet faster speed. It won't be long before 100 magabits per second becomes the norm. The increase in speed doesn't just mean doing the same thing faster, it means the computer can do a lot more within the same amount of time. The best example of this can be seen in gaming. If you compare a modern video game with one of the past it isn't necessarily larger and it doesn't play at a faster speed, it's essentially the same yet the graphics have greatly improved. Even if an early computer was capable of the same graphics quality it wouldn't have been fast enough to move those graphics around.

As far as an artificial brain is concerned, I can imagine a virtual bot on a computer that acts human even with artificial emotions, but as to whether it could be housed within an robotic body I don't think that would be possible for a long time yet. As to whether a human brain could then be placed into a robotic body, linking nerves with wires, I cannot see that happening until way into the future. Computer technology has improved in leaps and bounds but bio-robotics is sadly lagging behind. I could imagine genetically engineered bodies perhaps and robotic limbs but not full bodies.

The attraction of being able to change body at will and never aging is a wonderful idea, I could imagine that happening one day but not until long after the 2030s when Ghost In The Shell is set.