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It found a voice... now it needs a body.


Major Motoko Kusanagi.


Motoko was once a soldier in the army where she was always referred to as the Major. Even though she is no longer part of the army most of her friends still refer to her as the Major.

Her body is a full cyborg while her brain is human. Her robotic body isn't based upon her real appearance but one of many that came off a production line, so her looks aren't unique. She was in a plane crash as a child where she and just one other survived. She found it difficult to cope with her cyborg body and accidentally crushed and broke her doll when she tried to pick it up. (This origin story is taken from the comics and Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex and differs from Ghost In The Shell: Arise.)

Her personal life is never full explained and only hinted at with a few snippets in the comics and animes.




Batou is a kick-ass tough guy ex-soldier that doesn't take crap from anyone. He was in the same army unit as Motoko for a while where he served as her subordinate.

Due to many injuries during the war he has an artificial leg and arm as well as two eye implants. He is single and lives with his pet basset hound dog.

He holds a lot of respect for Motoko but he doesn't hold back when he tells her what he thinks about her decisions, in some cases yelling at her almost coming to blows. He has even teased her before suggesting that she should replace her cyborg body with that of a male.




Togusa was a regular Chigago cop who was transferred to Section-9 at Motoko's personal request. He is totally human and possesses no implants. (This origin story is taken from the original Ghost In The Shell stories and differs from Ghost In The Shell: Arise.)

His special ability is the fact that he is totally human with all the weaknesses that go with it. It's easy to predict how a highly trained cyborg may react in a situation but more difficult to predict how a regular cop will act. As Motoko says, "Over specialise and you breed in weakness."

He is married and has a young daughter.


Chief Daisuke Aramaki.


Aramaki is the section chief of Section-9. He is fully human and has no cyborg implants. He holds the rank of a lieutenant colonel.

Not much is told about his personal life but some of the episodes involve things from his past and he often uses his political contacts to help him solve cases. It's also very clear in the 2nd Gig series that he has a crush on the female prime minister. He also has a twin brother that he doesn't see very often due to many disagreements they have.

Motoko holds Aramaki with a lot of respect and pretty much does whatever he orders her to do without question. But the respect is two-way and Aramaki trusts Motoko even when she is doing her own thing.




Kurutan appears in the comic books as well as just a few episodes of the Stand Alone Complex series. She is fully human and works as a nurse.

She and Motoko are extremely close in the comics, but the anime version doesn't delve too much into Motoko's personal life so not much is known as to what extent their relationship is.


Prime Minister Yoko Kayabuki.


Yoko Kayabuki appears as a regular character in Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig and briefly in Solid State Society. She is the prime minister in Japan.

Motoko notices that Chief Aramaki often lets Yoko get her way even when he disagrees with her decisions. It's not because Yoko's a woman because Aramaki will often tell Motoko off if he disagrees with anything she's done, so Motoko suspects that Chief Aramaki has a crush on Yoko.

Early on in the series Yoko acts naive and inexperienced, but in the later episodes she grows a lot more confident with her actions.