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It found a voice... now it needs a body.

One of the prominent mangas ever produced Masamune Shirow's Ghost In The Shell is more popular than ever with a multitude of comics, novels, DVDs, blu-rays, action figures, posters and games it has turned into a huge phenomenon. With more and more episodes being made and a Hollywood movie Ghost In The Shell's notoriety is on the increase. This website contains the usual mix of reviews and screenshots, but with the main focus upon Motoko's thoughts about her life and humanity. Maybe there is something to be learned from Motoko's experiences as well as from the other characters of Section-9. In case you haven't seen or read any Ghost In The Shells just yet you'll be pleased to know this website contains no spoilers other than the general synopsis of what they're about.



"Motoko's Ghost" website by Raymond Johnson. www.raysnet.com.
"Ghost In The Shell", "Stand Alone Complex" & "Arise" Masamune Shirow & Manga Entertainment.