"Ambivalence" - The coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action.

I enjoyed the 2018 version of the Tomb Raider so much I bought it on blu-ray, yet it completely sucks. I love-hate this movie with all my heart!

Why I love Tomb Raider
  • This movie follows a similar story to the video games featuring the same organised crime syndicate known as Trinity and the same dangerous threat from an entombed Japanese queen named Himiko.
  • Lara is skilled at kickboxing with her only weakness being the ability to break out of a stranglehold, this becomes relevant to the storyline when fighting against armed mercenaries.
  • Lara isn't an overpowered action hero, she cries after her first kill, she screams like a girl when falling, and she gets knocked to the ground by a single punch. In other words she's a realistic character.
  • Alicia Vikander who plays Lara has amazing stomach muscles.
  • While trapped upon the island Lara is hot, sweaty, dirty and looks like she smells. Even her hair is entangled with sweat.
  • The crashed plane scene with Lara balancing upon its wing is amazing. This was taken from the game but was improved upon with great effect.
  • In one scene when Lara performs an incredible jump she grunts in the same way as Lara does in the video game.
  • The story was clearly inspired by the video games and is far better than the previous Angelina Jolie versions of Tomb Raider which took practically nothing from the games.
  • There's an amazing and very unexpected twist within the story. In fact there are two.
  • There's a tomb in it, with lots of traps.


Why I hate Tomb Raider
  • Where's the music? The Tomb Raider games are known for an amazing soundtrack, from the very first game to the latest, yet this movie is filled with no more than snippets of generic pop music.
  • The opening of the movie begins with Lara's father as a voice over explaining the island, the tomb containing Himiko, and Trinity wanting to get their hands upon it. Then later it's explained again, then later again. Lara explains it too in case we forget.
  • The story about Himiko and the island is taken from the 2013 version of the Tomb Raider video game, while Trinity was taken from the game Rise Of The Tomb Raider. It feels disjoined like two plots joined together leaving the Himiko aspect rather flat.
  • While Lara is very realistic she had no problem whatsoever climbing a cliff face with a single line of rope. She wasn't even exhausted at the top.
  • The movie takes a very long time to get going. The bike courier scene did nothing for the story. The main plot is no more than an hour long or so after forwarding the nonsense at the start.
  • The potential boyfriend scene fizzled out very quickly, unless it's a set up for a sequel in which case that's fine.
  • She pawned her necklace. Nooooo!!! Lara would never do that. Luckily she got it back but not until the end.
  • The guns in the pawn shop felt out of place and would be very, very illegal in the UK.


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