"Ambivalence" - The coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action.

Within days of buying Mirror's Edge I sold it on ebay then after a few weeks bought another one, I love-hate this game with all my heart!

Why I love Mirror's Edge
  • Mirror's Edge is a completely new genre of game unlike anything seen before. It's a first-person game but rather than being a shooter it's about climbing buildings, stealth, and lots and lots of running. Faith's arms and legs are visible and if you move the camera angle you can see her body, no other first-person game has this feature.
  • The main character Faith as well as the other characters are believable and have individual character traits. Lots of games have larger than life characters with males being muscular and females having large breasts, but all the Mirror's Edge characters are realistic. Faith has tattoos, Japanese shoes, tied up trouser bottoms and wears a single glove on her right hand. Other characters have their traits too.
  • The story begins with Faith as a runner whose task is to deliver bags containing messages but as you play further the main story reveals itself containing twists and surprises as well as sad moments. This not only gives the game substance but makes the player hooked and eager to see what happens next.
  • The voice acting is superb there's s not a single moment where the acting falls down. The dialog between the characters and the script is perfect, even Faith's breathing changes depending on how fast she's running.
  • There are lots of armed bad guys that try to stop Faith upon her mission, she is capable if disarming them and using their guns against them or she can throw the gun down. It's up to the player on whether Faith uses a gun or not and it's perfectly possible to complete the game without firing a single shot.
  • There are lots of secret areas to discover as well as things you may not have noticed during the first play through. Looking through windows that you pass, looking around and seeing other characters, jumping onto a hidden ledge, there is lots to explore.
  • The levels, known as chapters, are nicely laid out and are not too big or small. The difficulty level remains constant as you progress through the game and there is no end of level 'boss' to defeat before progressing to the next chapter. The main menu allows you to replay chapters if you so desire.
  • The main menu is nicely laid out with everything clear and contains unlockable features that you have access to as you progress through the game. There is unlockable art, cutscenes and music available and it even keeps track of what you've looked at.
  • The online features allow you to play time trials and compare your time with other players, you can even download other player's ghosts and see how they played on that particular map. Once you've completed the main game you can play each chapter as a time trial also.
  • As you progress through the game you can unlock Trophies and Achievements (depending on your game console) and compare them with other players online.
  • The bags Faith collects contain messages that she has to deliver and there are many bags hidden throughout the game. These aren't essential to find but they do add an extra incentive to have a good search of each area.
  • The music is amazing and fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. Some of the music is almost hypnotic and you'll be stuck with that tune in your head for days afterwards.


Why I hate Mirror's Edge
  • There was a lot cut out of the game and in a rush to release it on time a lot of the online features were completely removed!
  • The cutscenes that reveal the story have cell shaded cartoon-like graphics while the rest of the game has more conventional graphics, it's a quirky look that has been done before in other games such as X-Blades but in Mirror's Edge it's completely out of place.
  • Nearly every moment of the game involves Faith having to do an almost impossible jump and she's constantly falling to her death, added to that annoyance is the fact that there's not enough checkpoints. You will find yourself constantly replaying the same section of the map over and over again because of a difficult jump that takes a lot of attempts before you can make it. This will have you swearing at the screen and wondering if the game was ever play-tested. The entire game plays like this and it doesn't get any easier the more you play.
  • The online time trials are near impossible, they are good if you want to compare times with friends and to break your own record but the world rakings seem completely fake. I've played a map that took me 1 minute and 50 seconds to complete but the world raking is 20 seconds, I don't think it's possible!
  • Playing the game for long periods makes me travel sick, especially when watching someone else play it.
  • The Xbox 360 version looks better than the PS3 version with no 'break-up' of the graphics while the PS3 version plays better than the Xbox 360 version because of the button layout on the joypad and the sixaxis control. If you mention this to anyone online the Xbox 360 and PS3 fanboys will try to rip you apart.
  • I can't play the PC version because my computer can't handle it. :(
  • Some of the downloadable maps available on Xbox Live require payment, yet these exact same maps are free to download for the PS3.


Why I love Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  • It's been a long time in the making and everyone's been on tenterhooks awaiting for news about this game and it's finally here for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • The graphics are amazing, it's simply stunning to look at.
  • Faith has a reflection against shiny surfaces. She can see herself.
  • The layout of the game means the player isn't constantly doing impossible jumps and falling to their death.
  • It's neither a sequel or prequel just a totally new game so you don't have to have played the original to follow the story.
  • Faith looks a little older, with a different hairstyle and a slightly different style of clothing.
  • Faith is never given a weapon. She uses only her skill, cunning and running ability to outwit the bad guys.
  • The online features mean you can set up in-game races and compare times with other people.
  • It's enjoyable exploring the city from the rooftops and searching for the elusive yellow bags, some of which requiring time to figure out how to reach them.
  • There is downloadable content (DLC) adding new features known as the Combat Runner and Speed Runner kits.
  • Faith has a mole on her hand.


Why I hate Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  • The game opens with Faith being released from juvy, an opening reminiscent of the game Remember Me, where upon she immediately runs making her way up to the top of the nearby buildings. Why she's intent on escaping during the process of being released, or why a woman in her 20s was in juvenile prison to begin with, is beyond me.
  • The game is full of quest-like tasks that usually involve delivering an item within a set amount of time. These do nothing but distract from the story. This game plays like an RPG.
  • Faith is never given a gun yet during fight sequences often kicks guards off buildings to their deaths. She's certainly no pacifist.
  • What happened to the bi-lingual signs? Things such as no entry signs were written in English and Japanese in the first game but now everything's in English. Is this set in a different city now?
  • The cartoon-like cutscenes are gone too. This could be considered a good thing but now it feels inconsistent.
  • A lot of Faith's abilities, such as rolling when she falls from a height, have to be unlocked based upon her experience points.
  • She has a magnetic grapple!
  • The wonderful graphics often suddenly fall flat, with some surfaces causing a reflection while most others don't. There's also a lot of popup especially during the opening sequence revealing the otherwise stunning city below.
  • If you want to customise your runner tag you need to do this via EA's website, rather than in-game. This is incredibly amateur game design.
  • The downloadable content (DLC) which costs real money allows you to change colour of your runner echo which only other players can see. What's the point?
  • The console version controls are abysmal expecting the player to kick and punch with the same thumb that's controlling direction.
  • The character Noah is fairly scruffy with face stubble. It's clear the character designers spent a long time making him look that way with so much detail in his face. I guess they ran out of time when designing Faith as her face appears washed out.
  • None of the characters a likeable, it feels like Faith is one of the bad guys working for gangsters.
  • Her cargo pants are now super tight leggings.


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