Laura's Craft.

Follow the chronicles of Laura Kelley, the Wiccan steampunk archaeologist, as she travels across the globe searching for adventure. Told in journal form, that documents her constant frustrations as well as her triumphs, discover how she overcomes her problems using her wits and in some cases a little magic. Accompanying her in her journeys are, her ever vigilant and loyal butler Jeeves, and her companion Phillipa Smithe, who both will often complain putting Laura in her place whilst travelling to the ends of the earth with her. Set during an alternative past of the roaring 1920s combining mysticism, old style technology and action.

The Tomb of the Fat Pharaoh - Laura and her companions search for a lost tomb in Egypt.

A Christmas Wish - Laura and Phillipa help out at a soup kitchen during a bitterly cold Christmas evening.

Goddess Spring - Laura, her companions, and fellow Wiccans celebrate the upcoming spring.

Enchantment Notes - Wiccan spells collected by Laura over the years.

A Plea for Help - While committing a social faux-pas a bramble fairy ask Laura to take the blame.

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"Laura's Craft" are fictional journals created by Raymond Johnson.
Any resemblance Laura Kelly has with Lara Croft, Emily Sands, Hypatia and other archaeologists or Wiccans is purely intentional.
Special thanks to Scott Griessel for character photographs. &