--- Heavenly Sword Walkthrough ---

"We are in a battle between Heaven and Hell, here on Earth Nariko. Have you stopped to think which side you are really on?" - King Bohan.

Welcome to my walkthrough and game guide to the beautiful heavenly game known as Heavenly Sword, out now for the PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Now. This game offers a truly wonderful mix of both action and story, with beautiful graphics and sound, having you thirsty for more while begging for a sequel.

This is a guide on how I got through the game. It may not be the best way to complete it and it won't show where every single energy pot is or how to unlock all the Glyphs, but I'm sure you will find it useful if you're stuck. Heavenly Sword is one of those games that requires you to fully read the manual first and it takes a while to get used to the controls especially the Six-Axis, but once you've practiced a few times and mastered how to do it then it's not that difficult. I'm not going to mention too much about the actual story or what the cutscenes are about because I don't want to spoil it for you. Don't worry too much about collecting all the Glyphs, they unlock the anime cartoons and the making of vid, but these are downloadable anyway so there's not really much point. Once you complete the game you are given the option to play it in Hell mode which is very challenging.

The Final Battle
The game begins at the end with you in battle with Bohan's army. Don't worry about trying to defeat them all, simply hack and slash as many as you can while keeping an eye on your energy levels. Sometimes you are able to do a special move by pressing Circle. Eventually the Heavenly Sword will absorb into you and a cutscene will occur.

Chapter 1. The Art Of Battle
Some of Bohan's army attack your fort and you have to help your men defeat them. This part of the game is quite easy, just button bash with your Triangle and Square until you've killed all the soldiers. Remember to do a final kill with the Triangle button when they fall to the ground otherwise they will get up again. There are are two energy pots on the ground and one on the higher level of the fort if you need them. Don't worry about attacking your own men by accident the game won't let you. The enemy will attack in two waves then another cutscene will occur.

Night Attacks
Assassins sneak towards your fort and you need to take them out. It's now the turn of Kai to play twing-twang using her crossbow against the soldiers. It's imparative that you use the Aftertouch and Six-Axis to guide your arrows to their target otherwise you'll miss. Some of the enemy have their own weapons and can shoot back at you but they don't do much damage if you are hit. There is an energy just below you under a shelter and another to your left next to a hut. You can shoot them to refill your energy if the need arises. You don't need to kill all the guards however because it's Nariko's turn after to take them out with her sword. Some of the enemy have shields so you will often have to dodge out of their way and attack them from behind. Once you kill all the solders this section ends. (There is a bug in the game where sometimes Nariko kills all of the soldiers and the section doesn't end. If this happens then you have to reload and start it again from where Kai shoots at the guards again.)

Dawn Siege
You are woken up the next day with your father calling out to you. You have to run up the ladder and towards him then another cutscene occurs. There are three giant catapults and hundreds of soldiers on their way to your fort. You have to stop them with a cannon, don't worry about ammo you have an infinite supply of cannon balls. Each catapult has four shield shaped targets for you to attack, one of the targets is hidden in the middle of the catapult. You have three minutes to shoot them and guide your cannon balls with the Six_Axis controls. This can be very easy or very difficult depending on how used to the controls you are. It will probably take quite a few attempts but eventually you will find it easy. Ignore the men for now and take out all three catapults. After they are destroyed you then turn your attack towards the soldiers, you have three minutes to kill at least 700 of them. It's not that difficult once the soldiers get close and are grouped together, don't worry about any that you miss as long as you get at least 700 before the time runs out. I find it better to use the aftertouch and guide the cannonballs to their target while the soldiers are some distance away, then as they get close just shoot almost randomly into the crowd. The annoying bit about this sequence is if you fail you then have to start from the catapults again.

The Escape
This part is quite easy, just run down the snowy path and escape and kill the soldiers that block your way. If you listen carefully one of them will make a comment about you not wearing appropriate clothing for the weather.

Forest Ambush
Continue along the path and you will come across some tougher bad guys, if you've learnt how to counter attack and block then they are quite easy but otherwise it's just hit and dodge. Then turn the wheel using the X button and open the gate to the next area then fight more bad guys. There are some energy pots here of you need them. You then come across a cowardly soldier who will run away as soon as he sees you and closes the gate behind him. Pick up a sword from the box of swords and throw it over towards the gong, the aftertouch will give you a better aim, once you hit the gong the gate will open. You can also throw one of the swords at the man if you wish and kill him with it.

The Heavenly Sword
After the exciting cutscene you are now able to use the Heavenly Sword itself and use the different types of attacks. You have a lot of soldiers to fight on this bit so I suggest using a range attack, L1+Square, to stop the soldiers getting too close, then press Triangle and kill them as each one falls to the ground. This is a good part of the game to practice all of your attacks and blocks.

Chapter 2. Fearless
This is the same level as found in the demo. Walk over to the large rope, press the X button and follow the interactive cutscene pressing the required buttons that it tells you to, Press the X button repeatedly, then right, X, left, X repeatedly again then square. If you don't press the square button fast enough at the end then your kick to one of the soldiers will miss and you will have an extra tough soldier to fight. You will need a lot of blocking to kill all of the men and a range attack to clear them out of your way. You need to kill them all before you can progress further. When they are all dead approach the next rope and press the X button.

No Turning Back
The giant pillar you are standing on will start to fall and you will need to rapidly press the X button to run across the rope. As you jump to the ground you have to do battle against another group of soldiers. Once they are dead the door bursts open and there are tougher soldiers to fight. If they overwhealm you then use a range attack to keep them away, attacking them from behind is a cowardly but effective way to kill them. There are energy pots if you need them. After the soldiers are dead progress through the door.

Fire Fight
As you progress across a bridge soldiers will shoot at you with arrows, you can deflect them using a range stance, L1+Square. Once you've caught up with them take them out with your sword. They are quite easy as long as you don't give them a chance to fire their arrows. There is a nearby energy pot if you need it. Continue down the path and climb the ladder, there is another energy pot at the end of the walkway, there is also a box of shileds. This part is quite fiddly and will take a quite a few attempts. You need to throw a shiled at the first gong then make it bounce and hit a second gong. You will have to use the aftertouch button to aim it properly. After the frustrataing amount of time you take to do it and lots of swearing at your Playstation3 you will eventually succeed in doing it, most likely because of luck rather than skill. With the doors open you can now enter the banqueting hall.

Beware The Fox
This is strange boss fight battle because it's quite long and repetitive, and the boss Flying Fox can be very annoying indeed with his taunts and comments. This is probably intentional but you'll probably find that you hate him more than the main bad guy King Bohan. First of all Flying Fox will taunt you to get you angry and send in groups of his men to attack you, there are two energy pots if you need them. There are three waves of attack until eventually the soliders realise that they are losing and become cowardly. Then Flying Fox himself will join the fight and attack with some very slow and feeble attacks. You can quite simply block or dodge most of these. It doesn't take long for you to reduce his energy levels ready for a kill. Then suddenly you are given the option to press the circle button and it turns into an interactive cutscene. These are the buttons you need to press. Circle, then left, X repeatedly, right, up, up, square, up, square. A cutscene should then occur but more often than not it doesn't because you never pressed the correct button fast enough, in which case he will kick you to the floor and regain some of his energy and you'll have to do it again. It normally takes me three times to get it to work! When the battle is over your energy level is restored and you find yourself standing next to a door that you need to exit through.

Prison Approach
Continue ahead, there is another energy pot nearby if you wish to collect it, you will then find yourself at a grassy stairway that leads up to more soldiers. They throw barrels and men at you, the men are from your clan and they are alive when thrown but dead as they hit the ground. Just dodge past them and run up to the soldiers on top and attack them. After the compicated sequence with Flying Fox this part seems so much easier. Open the gates with the X button and head towards the prison area, you may wish to stop for a moment to marvel at the magnificent graphics as the camera angle zooms up and you become a small tiny speck.

The Prison
You've walked into a trap and lots of soldiers are wainting for you, the best way I found to deal with them is the range attack, L1+Square, then attack them when they fall to the ground. There are lots of them so it will take you a while. When they are all dead there is another cutscene and it's now your task to release the prisoners by following a simple yet fiddly puzzle sequence. Climb the ladder then pull the level on top to open a door then ding the gong next to it. Enter one of the prison cells to find a crate of shields, pick on up and go back towards the ladder. There is another gong opposite but it is behind a closed door so you need to throw the shiled at it and use the aftertouch to guide it. This is annoying fiddly because the camera angle makes it difficult to see if Nariko is standing directly opposite and if you miss then you have to go bcak to the cell to pick up another shield. After about the tenth attempt the gong will ring and the door next to it will open, walk through the door and across the walkway and you will find yet another crate of shileds. You have to do the same thing again but this time it's easier because the crate of shileds are next to Nariko so if you miss you don't need to walk far to pick another one up. When you manage to ding the gong all of the cell doors open and your inprisoned clan members are released. Go back down the ladder to join then and another cutscene will occur. I won't say what happens but I will say your clan arn't very grateful and they don't even guesture a simple thank you!

The Main Gate
Continue accross the bridge and pick up the Fire Rocket, you can only fire five times at the enemy before you run out of ammo. Don't worry about using the aftertouch, simply shoot as many of the soldiers as you can then use your sword to finish off the rest. As you approach the huge door it will close and lock itself. Walk to the right over to the bright light and press the X button. There will then be an interactive cutscene where Naraiko climbs up the cliff face, the buttons are: Press X repeatedly, Square button, Square button again. You will be greated with soldiers who immediatly attack you. If you use your range attack you can knock some of them down the cliff. After you kill them all enter the gate and pull the lever to unlock the huge door below, it still won't open just yet. Pick up one of the shiled from the crate next to you and use the aftertouch to guide it to the gong on the oppsite side. This isn't too difficult but the camera angle does make the gong less noticable at first and when I played it was was trying to hit the wrong one. One the gong is hit the small gate on the other part of the cliff opens up. Climb back down to the ground and see a cutscene where Naraiko doesn't an impossible just that would break both her legs in real life. Then go to the light on the left of the huge door and press X. There is another interactive cutscene as Nariko climbs up, the buttons are: X button repeatedly, UpLeft, UPRight, UpLeft, UpRight, UpLeft, UpRight, Square button. Now kill all of the men then enter the small gate and pull the lever to open the big door below. Climb back down and enter the door and follow the path until you meet Whiptail. She will taunt you as her own soldiers attack. It takes quite a while to kill them all because there are quite a lot, I found the Range attack the most effective on this part. There are some energy pots if you need them but you may need them for later.

After all her soldiers have been killed she decides to attack you herself. The area is suddenly filled with shallow water and Whiptail will try to attack you with waves of water. You can reduce the damaged caused by using a Range attack, press L1 + Triangle. Run over to her and use Speed attacks and quickly jump out of her way and attack again, her reactions are quite slow but sometimes she will run to the other side of the area and attack you with waves again. If she uses her whip on you don't try to block just move out of her way. You will eventually get a cutscene then Whiptail will attack again but this time more virocious, she will send more waves at you, the wide waves can be stopped with the Range attack L1+Triangle and the tall waves by L1+Square. Keep attacking her as before until another cutscene occurs.

Shen's Escape
I loved this part of the game, although it is quite difficult and will probably take a few attempts to complete it. As Shen escapes through the large door that Nariko opened ealier, there are two soldiers with crossbows trying to attack him from the top of a tower. Lukily Kai has her pump action crossbow with her and you get to play as her as she defends Shen. The first thing you need to do is kill the two soldiers on top of the tower using your crossbow and guiding the arrows with the Aftertouch. There's a energy pot as well on the tower as well as another on another tower and one on the bridge. I noticed that there is sometimes a third soldier with a crossbow shooting from behind you and it's not possible to turn around to kill him, he's not always there though. More soldiers will attack Shen with swords from the lower part of the bridge and the upper part, if you can take them out with one shop then this will be very easy as there is plenlty of time but if you sometimes miss, like I do, then it will be more difficult. Before firing your arrows make sure your aim is correct so it will save you having to move the arrow too much using the Aftertouch. Don't worry about head shots or body shots, as long as you hit each soldier anywhere on their body they will fall down. Between their legs and on the bum it quite a fun place to shoot. When Shen eventually catches up with you there is then another cutscene.

This bit is quite easy, you become Nariko again and you have to finish Whiptail off. When her energy level is low press the Circle button then there is an interactive cutscene that requires you to press the Square button, then the battle has ended. It's not clear what actualy happens in the cutscene and I have a suspicion that part of it was cut.

Chapter 3. Kai's Mission
I always found playing as Kai a lot more fun than playing as Nariko, she has a quirky personality and talks to herself whereas Nariko is more serious. Luckily you get to play as Kai a lot more in this part of the game. You find youself on a bridge that is crumbling apart and covered with various objects for you to hide behind. Run ahead and as soon as you see the two soldiers having a conversation with each other quickly crouch down. Take them out using your crossbow and Aftertouch to guide your arrows to target. Suddenly the door will open and more soldiers will come out, as long as you never miss a shot then this part is quite easy but if you sometimes miss then the soldiers will eventually catch up with you and close targets are harder to kill than distant ones. You will simply have to run away then turn and shoot and hope for the best. One they are all dead you can shoot at one of the energy pots on the right of the door. As you enter the room you will notice another door that is blocked with explosives, if you fire an arrow it will have no effect so you will have to shoot through a flame to light the arrow first. If you miss Kai will tell herself off. I found it better to stand outside on the bridge and shoot through one of the flames and use the Aftertouch to guide the flaming arrow to the explosives. If you use one of the flames inside the room it's harder to get the correct angle. Once you are through the door Kai will find a solider wearing amour, the only way to kill him is to shoot at his head, he will stand a while so you have plently of time to aim but if you miss or take too long he will come after you and a moving target is much more difficult.

All you have to do in this section is kill the soldiers but there isn't much room for you to use the Aftertouch so just aim and shoot quickly. If one of them turns yellow or red and is about to attack quickly dive out of his way. After you've killed them all go over to the wheel and press X to open the gate.

Shooting Fish
You find yourself in a round shaped room full of items, none of which can be picked up but there is an energy pot that you can shoot. There are some metal doors in the room that open up and soldiers will run towards you and attack. There is no time or much room for you to use the Aftertouch, instead point your crossbow and shoot and hope for the best. If they come too close you can get away from them by jumping the objects, the soliders can't do this and they have to walk around giving you more time to shoot. After the first wave of attack another group of soldiers will come, there are three waves of attack with soldiers coming from each metal door. If you want to you can enter the metals doors but they are all empty. The last set of doors, not the ones the soldiers came from, leads to a wheel that has to be turned using the X button to open another doorway. Continue outside and around the corner and climb the ladder.

Duck And Cover
This part can be quite difficult and you feel that you are being shot at by an unseen enemy. When you realise where they are it's not too difficult. Look opposite where you are standing and turn your gaze until you see a group of archers hiding on a stairway and in some arches. Aim your crossbow and use your aftertouch to take out each soldier. There are objects that you can hide behind for when they shoot back. There is also a flaming torch that you can shoot through to light your arrow and hit the explosives that are conveiniently placed next to them. There is also an energy pot next to the stairway that you can shoot. Take out all of the archers then continue up the next ladder to the platform above and around the corner. (You may notice an untit torch and a wodden crane as though there was supposed to be a puzzle in this section but it does nothing.)

Twing Twang
After a heartfelt beautiful cutscene Kai is told to search for the Hevenly Sword. After leaving the room you was just in you have to get into the wooden elevator and repeatedly press the X button to go up to the level above. You will find yourself on a bridge that leads to the arena and lots of archers have already spotted you and begin to shoot. There are objects to hide behind but these will eventually break apart from the constant barrage or arrows. I found the easiest way was to kill the archers that are on top of the arena first then take out the ones on the bridge. There are falming torches on the bridge to light your arrows and using the Aftertouch can be aimed at the explosives next to the archers. There are also energy pots too that can be shot at. Once all the archers are dead run towards the arena dorr and open it using the X button then enter.

Brother Against Brother
You are no onger playing as Kai and you are now Nariko once again. This part isn't difficult but it is quite a moral dilemma, Nariko is forced to fight against other members of her own clan, not the main characters that appear in the cutscenes but other clan members. She does have the ability to temporarily paralyze them instead by blocking their attack and pressing Triangle then the buttons that appear on screen, but this is quite difficult to do and I found that I kept killing more of my clan instead. It doesn't matter if you do kill them you will still progress in the game but you won't collect as many Glyphs.

You are now Kai again and you are above the arena with Nariko below, it won't let you look down and see her though there isn't a button to look in a downwards direction. Run around the edge of the arena until you find a big door with a red symbol on it then press X on the shiney thing next to it. After a brilliantly animated cutscene with Kai's face in full closeup a group of soldiers will come out of another door and towards you. You've met this type of soldier before they are the type that wear armour and have to be shot in the head to kill them. They are quite slow in moving though and can be dodged very easily but it will take you a while to kill them all. I found the best was was to run away then turn and shoot then run away again. There are lots of explosives about and flaming torches so it is possible to use the Aftertouch and explode them but it's quite fiddly to do especially with them following you. If the soldiers surrounding you it is possible to make Kai run over the top of the arena to the otherside. After the soldiers are dead exit through the door that they entered and go towards the building of another cutscene. Go back to the arena and stand opposite the door you just came through. Fire your crossbow and use the Aftertouch to direct it through the flaming torch in the middle of the arena and through the door and into the little window of the building to explode the fireworks it contains. This will take quite a few attempts and be careful not to kill the man inside otherwise you will have to start this section again. Run oustide towards the building and to the ran as the building explodes. There will be another cutscene. Go back the the arena and back to the big doors you were at before for another amusing cutscene.

A New Threat
You are now Nariko again, swapping characters repeadly gives the player a sense that there is a lot happening at the same time and keeps you on your toes. Roach has a pet monster creature thing I've no idea what it is, it has been sent into the arena with you and attacks. It is quite easy to defeat so simple in fact that it doesn't even have an energy bar. Simply hit it and jump out of its way, don't even bother to block its moves. After a short amount of time it will die.

Riding High
Yeeeaaaaa! This was my favourite part of the game. It does take a few attempts to succeed though but it's a lot of fun. You become Kai again and you begin in the room you entered previously. On the wall is a dead man pinned by arrows. (I'm not sure if that was just for the observant of whether a cutscene was removed.) There is also an energy pot. There is a cable car that leads to the amoury, get inside it and start moving. Soldiers will start running across a bridge to the side and start shooting, you can roughly tell where the soldiers are because of the camera angle change. Take them out quickly by guiding your arrows using the Aftertouch. There are explosives on the bridge too so if you can manage to shoot through one of the flames you can send a buring arrow to blow them up, there is also an energy pot on the bridge. The camera angle will turn and there are more soldiers on the upper left of the screen, take them out quickly. There will them be more soldiers on the lower right of the screen, it is best to take them all out as quickly as you can so you a not constantly bombarded. Before Kai ever reaches the amoury the cable car will collapse, hopefully you should have killed all of the soldiers by this point, Kai will hold on with her feet and the whole screen will be upside down. More soldiers will appear in front of her guarding the amoury, shoot them quickly before she falls off, you don't need to use the aftertouch because you are so close to them and you want them gone fast! There's also an energy pot but that can wait until you get there. Once all of the soldiers are dead you are safe, she won't fall from the cable car it will take her the rest of the way while still upside down. When she arrives the Heavenly Sword is clearly visible but don't go near it yet, take a look at the other weapons on display first and get in insight into where they came from. Then go over to the Heavenly Sword for a frightening interactive cutscene where you are required to press these buttons, Right, Left, X button repeatedly.

Roach's Pets
Back to Nariko again, after a brilliant cutscene you face more of Roach's pet monsters, after getting used to using a normal sword for so long these creatures seem very easy to kill now that you have the Heavenly Sword back. Simply walk around and use the Range attack L1+Square and watch them fly into the air and out of the arena. If one does manage to attack just a few taps of Square or Triangle will kill it quickly.

Rolling Thunder
This battle is in a wave of three attacks. After watching you slay his pets Roach jumps into the arena and attacks you while his father eggs him on. Roach has the ability to do a roll attack against you, if you stand next to one of the flaming torches and he does a roll attack into it he will he hurt and an energy pot will be found under the fallen torch stand. Whenver he rolls jump out of the way and stay out of his way until he stops then hit and stay out of his way again. Do a combo if you can but there isn't that much time to do a fancy special move. During the first wave of attack whenever he gets his weapons jammed into the ground stand behind him and press Circle followed by Square, there will be a short cutscene as she attacks and breaks peices from his back shielding. During the second wave the sequence is Circle then Triangle, and during the third wave it's Circle followed by Circle again. In the final sequence during the interactive cutscene the buttons are, Right, Square, Up, Square. If you get the final sequence wrong you will die and the interactive cutscene will start again, so don't worry too much if you get it wrong the first time around.

Chapter 4. Cat And Mouse
After a cutscene a group of soldiers carrying heavy mallets will come after you, Kai is in danger and the annoying soldiers are in your way. One of them is difficult enough but there are three of them. They to use counter attacks and blocks, if you can hit them in the back. If you use a Range attack L1+Square it will sometimes throw on of them from the bridge. The is an energy pot at the far end of the bridge hidden to the right of the door. After you've killed the soldiers, open the door using the X button then proceed. The nexy group od soldiers are female Ninjas, they are very fast and agile and can easily dodge your moves. However I found them very easy to defeat using a Range attack, L1+Square. There are also more mallet carrying soldiers to defeat but luckily there is another energy pot in the same place as before on the right of the door. Open the door using X and defeat some more soldiers using normal attacks using the Square button and Triangle button.

On Silent Wings
There will be more Ninjas and soldiers with mallets to deal with. After they are dead there is a puzzle to deal with. There is a locked door which needs to be opened by striking the gong on the other side. To do this go over to the rope and pull it by repeatedly pressing the X button, this raises a statue of a face, when you let go of the rope it will lower that statue again so you have to quickly pick up a shield from the box and throw it at the statue's face then use the Aftertouch to guide it to the gong when it bounces from the statue. If you fail you will have to pull the rope again, it does take quite a few attempts and can get annoying. Once the door is open run through it and around the edge of the cliff.

Hunting Party
As you turn the corner you will bump into a large group of soliders, you will also notice some cages with some creatures in similar to Roach's pets. Quickly break open the cage doors with your sword and stand back while they fight with the soldiers. Once they've finished you can finish off the soldiers that are left. There are some of those annoying soldiers with mallets to deal with, use your Range attack, L1+Square, to keep them back then attack from behind. There are some energy pots too as well as lots of items you can pick up and throw. Climb up the ladders then kill the next group of soldiers above, they are quite easy as they are not all grouped together and you can knock them off the scaffolding.

Beasts Of The Land
This part is quite difficult but luckily there are some energy pots around. Each creature, known collectively as Orangmen, is quite easy to kill but with there being so many it's a lot more difficult. I suggest doing Range attacks, L1+Square, until their numbers start to dwindle then use normal attacks. If you pick an item from the ground such as a sword and throw it at them they will die instantly but it is difficult to aim while being attacked from all sides. When you've eventually killed them all you can leave through the door in the temple. (There is a bug in the game where sometimes one of the creatures is still considered alive while it's laying on the ground, if you try and leave and the temple entrance is blocked it's because one of the creatures is still alive so you'll have to attack the dead bodies.)

The Wrong Place
You will now find yourself on a bridge with lots of soldiers yelling out and waiting for you. There is an energy pot next to the door you just came through. You may want to stand for a few moments to look at the magnificent view as the camera angle shows a sideways view of the bridge. These soldiers are easy, simply to a Range attack, L1+Square, and watch them fly into the air and fall off the bridge. Next you will come across a group of archers carefully taking aim and shooting at you. You can avoid getting shot be hiding in a crevice in the wall or by using a Range attack, L1+Square, to knock their arrows away. They are easy to kill once you get close, just a normal attack with Square and Triangle should easily take them out. Use Triangle one they are on the floor to do a final kill. You will notice a door with a face on and a wheel that opens it revealing a gong, but you can't get to it to strike at it and after a few moments the door closes again. There are a number of ways to do this puzzle but this is how I did it. First pick up a shield from the box of shields on the right, walk back to the wheel and drop the shield by pressing the Circle button. Make sure the shield is still visible on the screen otherwise it may disappear. Press X to turn the wheel and open the door then quickly pick up the shield and throw it and use the Aftertouch to aim it at the gong. Once the gong is struck the door will open properly but it will take you quite a few attempts to hit it.

Temple Wilds
This next section is an interactive cutscene. The buttons to press are, Up, UpLeft, X Button repeatedly, Up, X Button repeatedly, then X Button repeatedly again. After the cutscene go down the stairway and fight off the Ninjas using a Range attack, L1+Square.

To Kill A Fox
After screaming out loud or bursting into tears at what Flying Fox does in the cutscene you now have to fight him. I thought this was the most difficult boss fight in the entire game. He is quite slow and just the usual Square and Triangle attacks with dodging out of the way will eventually wear his energy levels down. Make sure not to hit him when he is next to the energy pot because you don't want to accidently hit it and use it before you need to. He will also fly into the sides of the cage and throw a projectile at you, you can block using R1+Square, if you are lucky you can use the Aftertouch to fire it back at him or into one of the out of reach energy pots. When his energy gets low he will start yapping and taunting you then two clones of him will attack, they are quite easy to kill with a Range attack, L1+Square. Then when they are gone he will attack you again. When you eventually get his energy levels down he will make some more clones appear, just do as you did before until they are gone. Then he will attack again, just continue with hitting and dodging out of his way. After a while when his energy is down again he will get angry and lots of his clones will appear, kill them with the Range attack again but make sure to keep them well away from you, some of them will attack you with an unblockable move otherwise. Eventually they will disappear once you've killed them all. Suddenly you are not Nariko anymore and you are in control of Kai, you will see Flying Fox standing and taunting Nariko, just aim your crossbow and shoot. Don't worry about the Aftertouch as long as it's pointing towards his body your arrow will hit him directly in the head! This whole FlyingFox sequence has to be done in one go, if you run out of energy at any point you have to do it all again. I suggest after two attempts switch the game off and play it again later before your aching finger and frustration cause you to throw the game away.

Chapter 5. Bohan's Army
It's catapults time again, just like in Chapter 1 of the game. This time however there are soliders with flaming barrels to kill too, although they are easy and not important anyway, you can probably leave them. In some ways this is easier than the first catapuly scene because there is no time limit, but in some ways it's harder because you still have to destory them before your fort is destroyed. The catapults have two shields to be destroyed but they also have two extra hidden ones in the middle but before you can attack that you need to smash the front off the catapult. Just fire the cannon and use the Aftertouch to guide the cannonball to your target just like before.

Death From Above
I found this bit quite simple, female Ninjas will glide into your fort and attack. Shen needs you to follow him and it is up to you to keep up with him and fight the Ninjas. There are energy pots around if you need them. I found the Range attack, L1+Square, to be the best for these baddies. Don't worry about accidently hitting Shen the game won't allow you to hurt your own people. Don't wander too far away from Shen otherwise he could get killed. When they are all dead there is another cutscene.

War Machines
Your first task to to kill 500 soldiers using the Rocket Launcher, this isn't too difficult simply shoot and use the Aftertouch to guide it to kill as many as you can in one shoot. Repeatedly do this until the enemy are too close then drop the Rocket Launcher by pressing Circle then use the Range attack, L1+Square, to kill all the ones around you. If you are having difficulty then try to make sure you kill as many as you can using the Rocket Launcher before they catch up with you. At close range it's not worth using and you will drop it the instant you get hit. You will then have to take out two catapults but this time it's more exciting than shooting them with a cannon. Ignore all the soldiers trying to kill you and run over to the back tire od on of the catapults and press the X button, there will then be an interactive cutscene to destroy it. Then to exactly the same foe the other catapult. The sequence of buttons to press is, X button repeatedly followed by Square. If you fail and press the wrong button you will still survive and have still be able to do it again. There is a timer but as long as you don't muck it up there is plenty of time.

Full Circle
Nariko now has to get back to the fort within a short space of time, first make sure you are facing the correct way and just dash back to the fort, there is enough time if you want to kill some more soldiers but not much time. As you approach the fort another cutscene will start. (There is a story mistake here because the fort was destroyed in a prevous cutscene but maybe it was only partially damaged.)

Chapter 6. The Goddess
This bit is just after the sequence at the very begining of the game and Nariko is returned but this time is extremely powerful more so than before. In fact she is invincible during this sequence, just run at the soldiers and hack away and watch them fly into the air. They will realise what's going on and run away but you can still give chase. There is a timer but there is no required kill amount that you need but I have read that if you do manage to kill more than 500 you will unlock a Glyph.

The Raven King
I personally thought the final boss to be quite easy especially when compared to the Flying Fox fight earlier in the game. The final fight with Bohan is seperated into three parts and it saves your progress after each part. Bohan has now turned into some kind of flying raven and attacks you, all his soldiers are still there and they run in fear but they do get in your way and for a lot of the time you can't see yourself with all the crowd around you. You can still attack them if you so desire but there is no need. They will eventually clear out of the way and you will find yourself entrapped in a round shaped shield to stop you running away. Bohan will fire lightning bolts at you, I could never figure out how to block them but you can jump out of the way, you can see the bolt forming on his hand so there is plenty of time to move. While he's in the air you can't do anything but when he's on the ground he is quite slow so just use a normal hit with Square or Triangle and jump out of his way before he has chance to hit back. If he suddenly jerks backwards it means he is preparing for another lightning bolt attack, so run towards him before he has opportunity. Once his energy runs low press Circle and after press Square for another cutscene. If you don't do it in time he will restore a little of his enery and you will have to attack him again.

Heaven And Hell
Bohan has the ability to float in the air and throw a lightning bolt at you or fly at you knocking you to the ground. It is possible to block the lightning bolts but very difficult, I find it best to jump out of the way. He will fire lots of bolts in a row so keep moving. If he does a creepy laugh it means he's about to fly at you, jump out of the way as soon as you hear his laugh. This part of the game is quite annyoing and he does hover a lot, his wings get in the way too and make it difficult to see if you're hitting him poperly. Just use the normal Square and Triangle attacks and keep moving out of his way. Once his energy is low press Circle followed by Circle again for another cutscene.

This time Bohan has the same powers as before but he also is able to throw flying ravens at you, it is very easy to dodge them though and jump out of the way. It is possible to fight them back if you wish to. After he attacks you with the Ravens he will fly down and push you to the ground so be ready for that and dodge out of the way. Fight him with the usual Square and Triange buttons and dodge his attacks for as long as possible. Once his energy is down to about 50% you can press Circle and then Square and fling him far away. He will return and continue the fight, when his energy gets to about 25% you can do the same thing again by pressing Circle then Triangle. When he runs out of energy press Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle and watch the brilliant final cutscene that will make you feel proud of Nariko and in tears.

Hell Mode
Once you've completed the game you have the option to replay it in Normal or Hell Mode. Hell Mode is more difficult with the soldiers requiring more hits to kill them and the timed sections of the game are shorter. The game keeps track of any Gliphs that you've already unlocked so if you choose to play it again you can collect the rest. What annoyed me the most about the end was you can't view what you've unlocked from the main menu, you have to go to the second menu for that which means you need to start the game again. Also you cannot replay sections that you've already played if you've completed it because you cannot get to that second menu. I played the game twice and the second time around I intentionally never defeated Bolan so I can replay previous sections of the game. This isn't really a game bug but more of a mistake in design.

Walkthrough by Raymond Johnson. www.raysnet.com.
"Heavenly Sword"
2007 Ninja Theory / Sony Computer Entertainment.