In the days of old a beautiful princess has been kidnapped and imprisoned on the island of Effluo. Once home to a mighty kingdom the island has been ravished by time leaving only ruins in its wake. The king has ordered his army of soldiers to execute the kidnappers and bring the princess home, but a full force attack may put the princess in even more peril. A lone mercenary, known simply as Vern, sets upon the quest of rescuing the princess by stealth from under the very noses of the kidnappers. However Vern may be a master swordsman but has no experience in battle.

Forgotten Island is an interactive story containing fantasy violence and sword fighting. As the story unfolds you are given options as to what to do next, each option has a different outcome causing the story to flow into a different direction. If at any point you wish to save your position and continue another time simply bookmark the page you are on to your Favorites. It takes about an hour to read through, but with all the alternative plots and multi endings you'll need to re-read though it at least fifteen times to get fully through the story.

You play as Vern and have arrived one day ahead of the king's troops in the hope of a swift rescue without the need for bloodshed. The choice is yours whether to attack with force or use stealth in the rescue attempt but be wary there are more dangers upon the island than just the enemy and it's imperative that the princess survives.


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"Forgotten Island" by Raymond Johnson.