First-person shooters for the PC created by Raymond Johnson and published under the name Fantasy Software. (Not to be confused with other companies of the same name of which there have been many.)

Note: The games on this website were created using Dark Basic 3D Games Creator and are designed to work on Windows XP. They are not compatible with newer versions of Windows. This site is for nostalgia purposes only and for people to have access to Windows XP machines.

Phantom World was my first attempt at a quality game using the 3D Games Creator. It was a first-person shooter based upon an interactive story I previously created called Out Of Your Wits starring the same main character Naomi Orosco. It was three levels long each with an end of level boss. Basically the player's mission was simply to survive but there were energy and bonus items to pick up along the way. I was particularly proud of adding the dialogue "die!" followed by an explosion when the boss characters' died as though Naomi yelled it herself before the final blow. The start screen was a piece of fan-art I created from the anime Blood The Last Vampire but I adapted it to become Naomi Orosco and animated a wink.

Silver Bullet along with its sequel Silver Shadow starred a totally new character named Major Jack Silver, a renegade soldier who had been discharged for taking the law into his own hands. In Silver Bullet his mission was to track down and kill terrorist Captain Chevrier along with his army of mercenaries before they got their hands upon a nuclear weapon. In Silver Shadow his mission was to destroy a narcotics factory whilst becoming effected by the drugs himself.

Click the links below to download each game. Upon unzipping you'll be presented with three files, the game itself, the setup file and a readme file. Simply click on the game to play. If you're not using Windows XP you'll be presented with a .DLL error message. Unfortunately compatibility mode has no effect.

The games are played using a combination of the cursor/arrow keys and the mouse. The left mouse button is for shooting while the right mouse button is for jumping. There's simulated analogue movement while jumping, if you press the right mouse button quickly it will be a small jump but if you press it for longer it will be a bigger jump. At the top right-hand corner of the screen is a compass. This is to locate your way around the maze-like levels and seek the exit and enter the next level which is always guarded by an end of level boss!


Phantom World

A 17 year old girl named Naomi Orosco, or Mimi as she is known to her friends, was on her way home from school when she decided to pay a visit her science teacher Professor Derbyshire. As she approached the front door of his house she noticed smoke coming from the basement window. While investigating further she realised that the professor was conducting a dangerous experiment that would open up a dimension portal into an alternative universe. This strange universe contained what at first seemed like harmless creatures and deformed monsters but they were far from harmless. In fact some of the professor's assistants and some of Mimi's closest friends got caught up in this mad experiment and ending up being killed by these creatures. They were not attacked physically but in fact died of fright. While trying to save her friends Mimi got trapped in the professor's house and was going out of her wits with fear. She pleaded with the professor to end his experiment but he too had been effected and went insane. Mimi managed to close the dimension portal with the professor still inside and she ran off home as fast as she could.

Ten years have past and Mimi still hasn't fully recovered from what has happened. She is starting to sink deeper into insanity. She knows that the professor is still alive and if he finds a way to escape he would wreck havoc upon the world. She has only one thought on her mind. She wants revenge and intends to kill the professor!

Name : Naomi 'Mimi' Orosco
Nationality : British
Age : 27
Marital Status : Single
Height : 5ft 4"
Hair Colour : Black
Natural Hair Colour : Blonde
Eye Colour : Blue


Silver Bullet

Major Jack Silver is a renegade soldier who is on the run after being dishonourably discharged from the army for taking the law into his own hands. He is a one man army on the trail of a terrorist named Captain Chevrier. While investigating he uncovers secret plans to steal a nuclear weapon. He is then captured by mercenary soldiers, and Captain Chevrier intends to execute Jack personally.

Your mission is to escape from your cell, destroy all of the enemy supplies and stop this Chevrier at any cost.

Name : Jack Silver
Nationality : American
Age : 35
Marital Status : Divorced
Height : 6ft 2"
Hair Colour : Black
Eye Colour : Gray


Silver Shadow

Set a year after the events in the game Silver Bullet, Jack has received a commendation and is now back in the army. His enemy Captain Chevrier was killed but now a new terrorist army is being formed funded by the sale of illegal narcotics. Jack is sent undercover into the drugs factory but is discovered while searching an office belonging to a gangland boss.

It is up to you to close the factory down and destroy all of the drug making equipment. There is so much drug vapour around be sure to keep a clear head and not to be affected by the drugs yourself.


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