Adventure games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum created by Raymond Johnson and published under the name Fantasy Software. (Not to be confused with other companies of the same name of which there have been many.)

In 1989 I created a collection of games exclusively for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 under the title Fantasy and the company name of Fantasy Software. They were written using HiSoft BASIC and compiled into machine code. I was proud of my work but realised I had bitten off more than I could chew, especially trying to get everything to squeeze into memory, so the collection of four games became a collection of three. Knowing that I would gain more sales if I released the collection in other formats I released them on cassette tape for other Spectrums albeit without the fancy hissing snakes on the disc menu.

Another game soon followed called The Island of Death later renamed Forgotten Island. This game was written using the Graphic Adventure Creator by Incentive Software and was far more practical than BASIC. It also meant I could add a picture for every location in the game without running short of memory. I could be far more creative.

I created more adventure games called Out of Your Wits and Times Up. It wasn't long however before the Sinclair ZX Spectrum began to decline in popularity where upon I moved onto other computers dropping the Fantasy Software name in the process. I "ported" the adventure games to the Amstrad PCW in the form of interactive stories then later converted them to the PC. Incidentally Forgotten Island became the inspiration of a series of novels called Effluo Insula.

Another two adventure games, A Fistful of Blood Capsules and Fairly Difficult Mission, were published by me under the name Fantasy Software. I never personally created them, they were created by Zodiac Software. The game known as The Pyramid was created by another Fantasy Software entirely.

I also worked on another game called Prisoner of Tyme. It had strategy style gameplay in a similar vein to the highly popular game Rebelstar, but alas was never completed much beyond a single screen demo.

A number of my games still lurk on the web on many retro gaming sites, World of Spectrum for example. The game files can be downloaded and played on ZX Spectrum Emulators. I recommend JSSpeccy as it runs within the internet browser and emulates multiple Spectrum types.


Forgotten Island


Fantasy - The Castle of Doom


Fantasy - The Crystal of Power


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