Walking to the far end of the passage towards the lift shaft leading to the other decks, you turn to the right and head to the sickbay but surprisingly the automatic doors fail to open. You press the access bell beside the door but to no avail. It's odd for there should be someone on duty in the sickbay at all times, it's rare for the doors to be locked even when on such a mundane mission. You make a mental note to talk to the doctor about that later.

"Stop them!" You hear the voice of Welshy the transporter chief as a man and woman hurry towards you.

You're then pushed to the floor as the man and woman hurry down the corridor in the direction of the bridge. You're winded and it takes you a whilst to clamber to your feet as you curse yourself for not being prepared. Welshy catches up with you.

"They're intruders!" He yells, "I think they..."

There is then the sound of an explosion, but not from the bridge but rather one of the lower decks. You and Welshy look at one another in shock, for why would anyone try to sabotage such a mundane mission?


What will you do now?

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