The captain's job isn't just to give orders it is to also inspire a sense of confidence in the crew. Leaving the bridge at such a time, albeit a time you find so mundane, is not appropriate. You decide to remain on the bridge.

"My Smith?" You say to your bridge officer in the best non-bored voice you can muster, "Can we adjust the viewscreen settings to enlarge Rhea?"

"I'll try captain," he replies, "But from this range and with so much atmospheric disturbance I'm afraid it won't be more than just a blur."

He began pressing the various controls on his console before the viewscreen showed in image of a white circular blob upon the screen.

"That's the best I can do," Mr Smith said.

You stare wide eyed at the screen faking your excitement.

"Well at least we know what we're scanning now," you say, "It's good to..."

You're interrupted by a beep upon the communicator built into your seat. You press it.

"Welshy here captain," you hear through the communicator, "We have a problem within the transporter room. It seems that we may have an intruder on board."

Suddenly the ship vibrates shaking both you and the rest of the bridge crew. There's been an explosion.


What will you do now?

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