Walking to the far end of the passage towards the lift shaft leading to the other decks, you turn left and head into the transporter room.

Welshy stands in front of the transporter control as two people, a man and a woman, are in the process of beaming aboard. It's unclear as to their identity within the flickery wavy light that surrounds them but once they finish materialising its clear they are research scientists.

"Welcome to the USS Magellin," you say holding out your palm, "I am the Captain of this fine vessel."

The woman appears bewildered gazing her eyes around the transporter room most likely feeling disorientated by the mode of travel. The man however has look of wonder about him.

"Captain!" He booms with excitement whilst shaking your hand, "It's an honoured pleasure to be here. My name is Dr Pascal and this here is Dr Zee. We cannot wait to begin researching Rhea. Have you launched a satellite yet to examine the atmosphere? I hear you have a soil probe, has that too been launched?"

He was keen whilst I was still bored with the mission, I just hoped his excitement would rub off on me.

"Not just yet I'm afraid," I reply putting on a fake tone of excitement, "We've still more scans to do, but I assure you I'm just as eager as you are and cannot wait to launch them, In fact if you wish to..."

"I'm sorry to interrupt but there's an anomaly within the transporter log," Welshy says.


What will you do now?

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