Taking another deep breath you heave yourself out of your chair repressing your urge to stretch out your arms as to not reveal your boredom to the rest of the crew.

"Mr Smith," you say to your second in command who is currently busy in front of a science console, "You have the bridge."

"Aye, aye," he replies before continuing to look at his console engrossed by the readings.

You walk over to the automated door then step out into the hall beyond finally taking the opportunity to stretch out your arms and let out a very audible yawn.

You then proceed to walk down the passage not going anywhere in particular just allowing the walk itself to ease the tension within your legs. You pass various doors on the way, along with various members of the crew as they pass by who appear to be excited by the notion of moon research. You nod your head to each as they pass.

Upon this deck there are only two rooms left ahead of you, and you're no desire to return to the bridge just yet.


What will you do now?

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