Letting out a wide yawn you stare at the viewscreen in front of you which is filled with the image of Saturn. The chair upon which you sit increases its discomfort the more bored you become. It also lets out a loud squeak with each movement of your body as you attempt to get yourself into a more comfortable position. Gazing your eyes around the bridge the crew are busy in front of their consoles taking various readings and so forth while your backside grows increasingly numb.

"Change the view," you say at no one in particular whilst pointing at the viewscreen, "I want to see Rhea."

Rhea is the name of the moon of which you are to explore, but alas you won't be exploring by shuttlecraft but by scanners only. This isn't the kind of mission you signed up for, you sought excitement exploring the universe, but it now seemed for every exciting mission there were at least a dozen mundane ones.

The angle of the viewscreen changed revealing Saturn's rings in close up and a tiny dot. Leaning forward knowing the dot is Rhea you try to make out any markings that differentiate it from the other particles among the rings. Navigating too close to such a vast planet was dangerous even for such a powerful starship so you are as close as you're going to get.

You take a deep breath then lean back within your seat. The crew know what they're doing, they have no need for the captain at that precise moment, your task is to give orders as to pilot the ship not to tell them how to scan.


What will you do now?

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