You left the dirt road some time ago heading deeper into the forest itself but your journey soon grows treacherous. Dried mud, tree roots and overhanging branches are no match for your Jeep but the density of the bushes and the increasing number of trees can only be navigated by foot. You are left with no choice but to stop your vehicle and switch off the engine.

You take a swig of water from your flask, rinsing it around your mouth for a few moments before swallowing. You then lick your dry lips. The water is warm but refreshing. Glancing up at the sky above you're thankful that the canopy of tree branches shades you from the scorching sun yet sweat still pours from your brow. Your moist clothing sticks to your skin. You take a deep breath.

Taking out your map you realise other than the general compass direction the tomb could be anywhere. The forest is far too overgrown to reveal any possible cave entrance or the tomb within. Your mission may be nothing more than folly but you're determined to press ahead.

Picking up your machete first you leave the Jeep and head further east in the hope the forest will eventually reveal its hidden bounty. The monkeys are noisy overhead as you swing your machete cutting the foliage out of your way. Your progress is slow and sweat soaks your skin.

Thoughts fill your mind as to what kind of wishes the crystal could grant once it is discovered. Eternal life is likely beyond its control as the previous holder was buried with it after all, but other wishes such as wealth are likely possible. There is also the curse to consider so maybe a selfish wish isn't appropriate. Either way the crystal is something you crave and you're not willing to give up just because of a few plants blocking your path so you swing your machete with increased vigour.

Your aching feet throb within your boots and the more you progress the more exhausted you become. Your progress is slow.


What will you do now?

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