Listed below is a selection of short interactive stories. As each story unfolds you're given two options as to what to do next, with each option causing the plot to flow into a different direction. Each decision you make does not only effect you but other characters and even the simplest of choices can cause a chain reaction changing the plot drastically. If at any point you wish to save your position and continue another time simply bookmark the page within your browser. It takes about ten minutes or so read through each story, but with all the alternative plots and multi endings you'll need to re-read many times to get fully through the stories.

Other than the plots themselves the stories can be interpreted in multiple ways for it's your fantasy that's being catered for. The main character's age, sex and other characteristics are created within your imagination.

You'll need all your wits about you to survive these interactive stories. Now it's time to choose your fantasy.

While imprisoned for stealing bread to feed your starving family you discover that the guards have forgotten to lock your cell door. There's a mystery as to why they would make such a blunder causing you to wonder if it was intentional. Will you risk an escape attempt knowing that you will be executed if caught? Maybe it would be more prudent to serve your time.

As a rogue archaeologist you set about upon a mission to find the legendary crystal of power that is buried within a tomb in the midst of the Amazon jungle. Once owned by the rich and powerful Prince Reginald Smithe the crystal is said to grant its holder any desired wish, it is also said to be cursed so you have to be extra cautious upon your quest.

Whilst upon a mission to explore one of Saturn's moons it soon becomes apparent that there are saboteurs upon the starship intent on preventing the mission taking place. You are the captain and it's up to you to seek out those responsible and to find out why they would hinder such a mundane mission.




Stories & website by Raymond Johnson.