Your head is spinning and there's a stench wafting within the air as you regain consciousness. It takes you a while to get you bearings and recall what happened to you. For the sake of a discarded loaf of partially mouldy bread you were imprisoned. You groan in pain as you heave yourself into a sitting position. Your belly throbs and your head is still in a spin. The unmistakable taste of blood coats your tongue caused by a dislodged tooth that feels ready to fall out.

The cold wind howls through the bars of the prison window chilling the air with a crisp biting sting. You're still in a daze having not yet regained all your faculties as your puffy eyes adjust to the dim light of your prison cell. There is nothing but a hard stone floor beneath your aching body and a pile of what appears to be straw in the corner of the prison cell. The sound of something scampering can be heard within the rafters. Your stomach throbs with both pain and hunger. There is the distinct taste of blood within your mouth. With no complete recollection of what happened you can only surmise that you must have beaten before being incarcerated. Part of you is glad not to remember.

You've no idea how long your sentence will be. It could be hours, days or possibly years. The king doesn't take too kindly to thieves, especially ones who steal from the castle kitchens. At the moment you're in a dingy cell within the castle dungeon, but if your sentence is long you'll likely be transferred to be incarcerated at the prison stockade along with the dregs of society. You'll unlikely last very long in such a place. It's not something you wish to dwell upon. You then wonder what will happen to your family who still at that precise moment are waiting for their loved one to return with a meal for them.

As you sit and stare into the near darkness pondering upon your fate you notice flickering light coming from the side of the prison cell door. There's a sizable gap between the side of the door and its frame. Could it be that the door isn't fully closed? You wonder.

To attempt an escape would be an incredibly risk, you'd surely be executed on sight if caught for attempting such an act. Then again, your family need you and can't survive with you locked away.

Maybe you should rest a while longer to think some more. You're likely due to be released anyway. All this fuss over some bread, the king isn't a complete tyrant, he's sure to let you go free. The pile of straw on the corner looks soft and comfy.


What will you do now?

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