Hello Kitty: Paper Plane


Before Hello Kitty turned into a world wide brand it was originally a Japanese cartoon series for young children and began way back in 1974. In recent years due to its popularity a lot of adults enjoy the series too as they often involve simple storylines containing a moral of being nice to each other, never containing anything controversial.

This fan fiction follows those same rules and is a tale about Kitty's twin sister Mimmy who is having difficulty making her paper plane fly.


Chapter 1:

The smell of fresh cookies filled the house, wafting the delicious smell up my nose teasing my tastebuds, as Kitty baked in the kitchen. My mouth was already watering and I couldn't wait for teatime. Unfortunately it was still early morning and I was going to be in for a long wait. In the meantime I spent my time in the living room, leaning over the table, folding a paper plane which I intended to decorate with beautiful colours from my new packet of crayons. I also had some cool stickers which I couldn't wait to stick on the wings.

"Mimmy?" Kitty called out from the kitchen, "These cookies are going to take some time to cool down, but I think we should test eat a couple before teatime."

I jumped to my feet and rushed into the kitchen with excitement plastered across my face.

"Yes!" I responded happily dancing up and down on the spot.

"As I said they are still too hot," Kitty said the moment she saw my paw make its way closer to the cooking tray.

"Oh," I responded, "Well how long will they take to cool?"

Kitty opened the kitchen window then lifted the cooking tray, filled with dozens of hot freshly baked cookies, and placed it onto the sill to cool. She let out a slight nervous giggle as she often did whilst in thought.

"At least another ten minutes," she said.

"Ow," I pouted.


Chapter 2:

The thought of test eating some cookies gave me an idea about my paper plane. There was no point in colouring it and using stickers if it didn't work, so I was going to have to test it first. Also by the time I had finished testing it the cookies would be cool enough to eat.

"I'm going outside to test my plane, and it will take me about ten minutes," I said with a cheeky grin.

I went back into the living room and finished folding my plane together then hurried outside into the large front garden. My body tingled with excitement at seeing my creation fly up into the air. I lifted the paper plane in my right paw then swung it as hard as I could, letting go as soon as I thought was the best moment. It fell flat against the lawn.

"Oops," I said with a little embarrassment.

I was only glad no one was around to witness it.

Picking the plane up, and un-crumpling its nose, I aimed high and threw it as hard as I could muster. But just the same as before it fell flat onto the ground. It had clearly been a good idea to test it first but there was still a sense of disappointment within my heart. I was even beginning to feel a little tearful.

"Kitty?!" I called out as I re-entered the house carrying the tattered plane.

"It's only been a few minutes and they're still too hot," she responded thinking I was asking about the cookies.

"Oh, it's not that," I said softly as I entered the kitchen, "It's my plane, it doesn't work."

Kitty looked toward me then at the plane in my paw.

"Maybe you're not throwing it right," she said, "Let me have a go."

I handed her the plane and we both headed out of the front door into the garden. Kitty looked up into the sky then licked and raised her paw.

"There is a gentle breeze," she said, "I think this plane will swoop far into the air."

As she threw it, just as I had done before, it fell straight to the ground.

"Oh dear," she said before looking at me.

"I don't understand what could be wrong with it," I said.

Kitty picked up the crumpled plane from the ground and straightened it out.

"This paper is a little thin," she said, "Maybe it'll work better with card."

We both looked at one another knowing the only way to know for certain was to make another.


Chapter 3:

We both hurried back into the house with eager excitement at the thought of making another plane. I wanted so much to decorate it with my crayons and stickers but knew we would have to test our creation first.

Kitty began rummaging in our craft cupboard looking for a sheet of white card.

"This plane's going to be wonderful," I said with joy, "I think you'll make a wonderful one that will fly high up into the air."

Kitty pulled out a sheet of thick paper and placed it on top of the table.

"I think you should make it," she said, "This is your creation after all, I'll supervise if you think it will help, but I don't know any more about how to make a plane than you do."

I retrieved the sheet of paper then folded the tip to create a nose, then folded the entire sheet in two, followed by the sides to create wings. It was difficult due to my large paws but the firmness of the card made it a lot easier than the last time.

I felt nervous and my hand trembled as I held up the new paper plane.

"Let's test it," Kitty said.


Chapter 4:

Very nervously I followed Kitty into the front garden as she carried the paper plane.

"Okay, now gently throw it with the breeze not against it," she said as she handed the plane to me.

I held it as softly as I could in my large paw then pulled my arm back ready to throw.

"Good luck," Kitty said as she smiled brightly and gave my the thumbs up.

I swung my arm then let go of the plane allowing the air to catch it. It swooped forwards then darted high up into the sky before gently gliding back down onto the lawn with a perfect landing.

"Yay!" I screamed out as Kitty did the same.

I hurried over to the plane and retrieved it. I was sure it was Kitty's advice and her confidence in my ability that helped the plane fly not just the fact that we make it out of thicker paper.

"I'm going to colour it now," I said happily, "And cover it with stickers."

"Then we can have some cookies," Kitty said.

I had forgotten about those due to all the excitement we had been having.

"Or we can have the cookies first," I said with a wide grin on my face.



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