Mirror's Edge: Have Faith


This is a little different to conventional fan fiction as it's essentially a written account of a dream I had about the video game Mirror's Edge. The main character Faith Connors doesn't make an appearance.

On the 1st August 2015 I had a late night then dropped off to sleep in the early hours only to wake up at the time I usually went to bed. Needless to say my sleep pattern was messed up causing me to have a whole host of unusual dreams. The moment I awoke I noted this one down because I thought it was particularly interesting that I came up with such an exciting story while sleeping.

Mirror's Edge is a video game appearing on multiple gaming consoles and the PC. It stars a character named Faith Connors who is a free runner who runs around on rooftops delivering packages while risking her life performing life threatening jumps across buildings. She wears a black sports vest. white cargo pants, red karate shoes and a single glove upon her right hand. She's also got a large tattoo on her right shoulder leading down the top half of her arm, and another small tattoo under her right eye.

This story begins with a male office worker washing his hands within the office bathroom.


Chapter 1:

"Damn it!" I yelled as the water within the basin splashed out covering my office trousers with water leaving a pee-like stain between my legs.

Luckily I had my yellow holdall with me containing my holiday clothing, including my white cargo pants, so once I finished washing my hands I quickly changed from my white suit trousers into my holiday trousers. They felt a little baggy around the hem so I removed my shoe laces and tied them around the hem of the cargo pants. That'll do, I thought to myself.

My eyes glanced toward a bible that someone had left next to the sink. It seemed a strange thing to leave behind. I ignored it then looked at myself within the mirror. I had early morning stubble yet I had already shaved that day. There was a smudge of moisture on the mirror's surface so I reached out and wiped it off.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" I screamed out as I cut my finger upon the mirror's edge.

Placing my finger within my mouth I tried to stop the blood but it kept on flowing. I had no bandage or plaster, no means to stop the bleeding. I then remembered my gloves within my holdall. With care not to irritate the cut further I opened up my bag and pulled out a single glove and slipped it upon my right hand. To me relief it stemmed the flow of blood.

Suddenly the fire alarm rang out, echoing loudly within my ears. I waited to see if the ringing would stop then realised this was no fire drill, it was the real thing and we all had to leave. As I opened the bathroom door a whoosh of air flew inside opening the pages of the bible resting upon the sink. I had no time to look, and no interest in what it had to say, I didn't believe in fairy tales.

The office was in flame, people were screaming all around in a panic. There was a priest within the office that day but he too was screaming in fear. I raised my arm to prevent smoke from getting into my eyes but the heat from the fire caused my shirt sleeve to melt leaving a black mark upon my arm. I coughed violently and ran towards the door with the rest of the office workers, but it was blocked with burning debris. The window cracked behind us due to the intense heat.

"We'll have to smash the windows and climb out!" I yelled.

"We're on the tenth floor!" A woman called out, "We won't survive the fall."

I and all the office workers ran towards the windows and started smashing them while the priest prayed on his knees. We climbed outside and made our way across the ledge, which was particularly wide, until we reached the next building. Just a small hop was all that was needed to jump across. I quickly removed my office shirt that was melting against my body then threw it down revealing my black vest beneath.

"Where do we go from here?!" One of the office workers said with a very strange accent sounding like a farmer.

"That is where we're to head for," the priest said as he pointed his finger towards a billboard in the distance revealing the word Faith in big letters.

"I can't follow Faith," I said whilst shaking my head, "It's too far for any of us, we won't make it."

I turned around and saw our office in flames. The building in which we stood was also catching fire. We had no choice and had to run from building to building heading for the billboard. A woman with long white hair was coughing as we ran yet she was a fair distance ahead of us and running at an incredible speed. There were some bodies laying on the roof, burnt beyond recognition. My un-laced shoes had already fallen off so I removed a pair of red plimsolls from one of the bodies and was then able to run faster, catching up with the white haired woman.

We all approached as a group and it was clear the building ahead was safe from the approaching flames, however the white haired woman had already made her attempt to jump across and was slipping from the wobbly ledge tile as she held on with all her might. The rest of the office workers yelled out telling her to get a grip and to hold with all her might. As she struggled her white hair fell from her head, it was a wig, revealing short red hair beneath.

"I can't jump I'm going to die!" I yelled at the priest who wanted me to help the woman.

"Have faith!" He shouted back.

As I turned around I noticed the billboard behind me revealing itself in its full splendour. It said Faith Connors, Mirror's Edge in big letters along with the picture of a woman wearing a black vest, white cargo pants laced at the hems, and a single white glove on her right hand. The image of the bible in the bathroom earlier flashed through my mind.

"You have got to be kidding me," I said very slowly.

I stared out, looking at the cityscape ahead of me, with the billboard behind then turned to face the building opposite. I took a few steps back and ran forwards, jumping the gap between the two buildings, landing upon the other side then pulled the woman up to safety. I smiled ecstatically at my achievement.

"I'm still alive," I said.



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