Stargate Atlantis: Harmless Snack


There have been quite a few Stargate spin-off series each with their own unique set of enemies.

The original Stargate movie and the SG1 series has an enemy known as the Goa'ud. They are essentially a fish-like creature that take over the identity and mind of whoever they attack. They can either attack through the mouth or the back of the neck. Once inside the body they sit at the base of the brain taking over control of the mind and body. They claim to be gods in order to control the human population that they use as slaves.

In the Stargate Altantis series there is an enemy known as the Wraith. They live in giant Hive ships and attack planets taking people as food. They eat by pressing their palm against a human's chest then absorb their energy causing the human to age very quickly. All the Wraith are male except for one female queen that exists on each Hive ship. Upon arrival on Atlantis the Wraith detected human presence and came out of hybernation early causing a lot of the human inhabitants on the surrounding planets to resent the new population now living on Atlantis.

In one of the episodes of Stargate Atlantis (McKay and Mrs. Miller), Dr Rodney McKay's sister comes to Atlantis and helps solve a problem. This piece of fan fiction is set after that event and is about a young girl named Alex. She's Dr McKay's 10 year old niece and she finds herself on Altantis during a Wraith attack.


Chapter 1:

I stared at the wall, where a window should have been, while totally out of my mind with boredom. My mum said I was going on an exciting trip but since arriving at the underground base in Cheynne Mountain all I've done is wait around. What was I supposed to do while waiting in a tiny grey room? It was more like a prison cell than a waiting room. The giant maps on the wall and the star charts did nothing to capture my interest and the only time I felt any kind of excitement was when a strange man rushed into the room in a panic, but he was only looking for his glasses.

I sat myself down in an old wooden chair while my feet dangled above the floor. There were strange painted lines trailing along the floor and leading out the door, I had no idea what they meant. I wondered if I should go outside and take a look around. There could be aliens or monsters somewhere inside the complex and it would be interesting to know what they looked like. Someone named Samantha Carter told me to stay put but she wasn't around, and she wasn't the boss of me anyway, who did she think she was to give me an order?

I slid myself off my chair, then adjusted my skirt before walking over to the door and peeping out of the small window. No one was around. The door made no squeak as I pulled it open and took a clearer look at the long corridor. With caution I took a few tentative steps outside then followed the painted lines that ran along the shiney floor.

I followed the red line as it wound its way further down the corroder and down the next. I dared not travel too far in case I ran into someone so I decided to peer into the window of the door closest to me. Standing on tiptoe I looked inside. All that was visible were piles of boxes piled high, it must have been a store room. There was then a sudden noise further down the corridor an echo of footsteps perhaps. I quickly rushed into the room opposite without looking and closed the door behind me.

At the far side of the room was a wooden bench containing a fish tank filled with thin wormlike creatures, while in the middle of the room was some kind of ancient obelisk. At least that's what I thought it was, I didn't even know what the word meant but it was ancient anyway and made of gold. I took a few steps closer to it and saw my own reflection stare back at me in its shiney surface.

The walls of the room were convered with unwrapped scrolls containing ancient writings, I had no idea what they said. I walked around with my head up taking a look at them seeing if I could interpret. I started to get a neck ache and a chill down my spine, something about the ancient scrolls made me feel uneasy. I stared at them trying to comprehend what the writings meant, something in that back of my mind felt they were important.

"Alex, what are you doing in here?" My mother said as she burst open the door.

"Aaahhhhh!" I screamed as I jumped what felt like a hundred feet into the air.

"You shouldn't be in here on your own," my mum said, "It's not safe to wander around."

"Well I got bored," I replied.

"You've no need to be bored any longer," said my mum, "Uncle Rodney needs me to save they day again, and I've cleared permission to take you with me."

My mother walked over to me and crouched down.

"You and I are going to pay a visit to Atlanis on another world," she said.

I smiled widely.


Chapter 2:

Just over an hour later we stood hand in hand at the base of a ramp that lead to the stargate while it dialed the coordinates of Atlantis. Soldiers with guns stood behind while scientists watched in a small room from above. I couldn't believe we were going to travel to another planet and I half expected my mother to start laughing and tell me it was all a joke.

Suddenly a surge of energy flew out of the front of the stargate like a wave before it settled into what looked to be a vertical pool of water. I looked up at my mother as she looked down at me, both of us were smiling brightly. We headed up the metal ramp closer to the stargate while the soldiers followed us from behind. I stared into the vortex with feelings of extreme fear and excitement at the same time.

"Are you ready?" My mother asked.

I had tears in my eyes but I wasn't sure why. There was a long pause before I replied to my mum with a nod. We both stepped into the vortex hand in hand.


Chapter 3:

My eyes filled with the sensation of travelling down a tunnel at extreme speed, yet my body felt as though it was floating still in total weightlessness. Within an instant myself and my mother were standing in front of the stargate again, except it wasn't the same stargate at all, but another.

"There you are," my uncle Rodney said to my mother, "Do you have any idea what time it is Jennie? I've been waiting a full hour for you to..."

He suddenly stopped talking when he saw me.

"What are you doing here?" He said to me direclty before turning back toward my mother.

We all took a few steps forward as the soldiers behind us began coming through the stargate.

"Keep the gate clear everyone!" I woman called out from a metal landing above us.

I gazed my eyes around the large room. There was natural light from above yet no windows at eye level, but at least we weren't underground like in the other base. I couldn't believe we were on another world, our journey had seemed so fast. I took a large intake of breath while my mother and uncle started talking about something, although it was mainly my uncle talking. My mum often said he loved the sound of his own voice.

"This control room can be pretty boring," a woman said as she stood in front of me, "Let me show you around. This is a giant city and there's so much to do."

She had a kind smile yet somehow looked strong like a mighty warrior. Her bare tummy was showing and she was clearly muscular. I wondered if she was an alien.


Chapter 4:

After an exhausting day of activity I fell straight to sleep on the bed the instant we arrived at our quarters. The mattress was thin and not comfortable at all, yet it didn't bother me as I was too sleepy to care. There was only one bed in our quarters and I had to share it with my mum, but she wasn't sleepy at all, either that or she was too preoccupied with something else to sleep.

Some time later I awoke to the sound of an alarm and a flashing red light in the corner of the room. My mother was nowhere in sight. I jumped out of bed wearing nothing but my nightdress. The floor felt cold beneath my bare feet. I couldn't tell what the alarm was indicating. Was it a fire alarm? It may have even been a flood alarm, this was Atlantis after all.

I rushed over to the door and carefully opened it. The corridors were also flashing a red light while sounding a loud alarm. I wasn't sure what to do. Should I make my way back to the control room where the stargate was or stay put? I wasn't even sure of the way to the control room. I decided it would be better to stay put, at least my mum knew where I was if I stayed.

Suddenly there was the sound of yelling followed my a male scream. I slammed the door shut and dived under the bed. Within moments I heard more screaming and a distant explosion.

My urge to cry was overpowering but I knew I had to remain brave and keep as silent as possible. The explosion and screams were probably something caused by accident, I told myself, but I had to remain as silent as possible just as a precaution. Just in case.

I then heard gun fire, not laser guns as I expected aliens would use, but normal guns. There was a battle going on. I prayed that I was going to be all right.

There was then more shouting and more gun fire. I covered my eyes and imagined myself back home.


Chapter 5:

The door of the quarters swang fully open hitting the wall behind. I remained under the bed, totally still like a statue not even daring to look into the direction of the door. I sensed it was someone sinister.

"I can smell you," I heard a slivery voice say, "I smell your fear."

I felt something grab my feet and pull me out from under the bed. For a moment it held me upside down while I kicked my feet as hard as I could and screamed at the top of my voice. I was then dropped onto the floor and I tried to slide myself back under the bed only for the creature to flip the bed over.

I looked up at it. I could see before me an alien with pale white clammy skin and huge teeth. It was tall, far taller than the average man and it stared at me with delight. It was clearly enjoying my fear.

"A child," it said, "You will be a harmless snack for me before I feast upon the rest of your people."

I quickly slid myself across the room to the corner with the intention of tricking it to come after me, then I could slip through its legs and excape. But the alien stared with the same look of pleasure upon its face as before. I stared at the open door behind it, there was no one outside about to rescue me. I was out of options.

I crawled into a ball in the corner and bagan to sob loudly while trying to catch my breath.

"Please don't eat me," I said between breaths.

The alien grabbed the back of my nightdress and picked me up, holding me close to its face.

"And why not?" It asked, "What makes you so deserving to live?"

"BECAUSE I AM YOUR GOD!" I screamed out as my eyes lit up red.

I lept out of the childs neck and climbed across the alien's arm before plunging myself into its mouth. Within moments I had embedded myself within its spine and had full control of its mind and body. Its eyes lit up. I was no longer a young girl, I was a Wraith.

The child had fallen unconscious onto the floor. Once she wakes she would have her bodily functions back and have a perplexing story to tell her mother. In the meantime I had to return to the Hive ship and force everyone to worship me.



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