Dr Who: Angel In A Blue Box


Set during the Jon Pertwee years this fan fiction tells the story of a young boy who's planet has been devastated by war. As negotiations of peace are drafted and everyone begins to put their lives back together a creature emerges from the sea. Its demands are simple, it wishes to claim the planet as its own and wants the race or warring people to leave or be destroyed. The creature, known as a sea devil, has advanced weaponry and cannot be stopped. Then one fateful day an angel appears in a blue box calling himself The Doctor.

The story is written with the young boy named Sean as narrator.


Chapter 1:

Explosions surrounded me as I ran as fast as I could up the pile of debris that I once called home. I knew my sister was underneath the broken masonry somewhere as her screams echoed out.

"Paula!" I cried out digging at the bricks and roof tiles, "Where are you?!"

My parents we also in a panic as they frantically tried to search for her, but we all knew it was unlikely we would ever find her due to the pitch dark of the night and constant shell fire overhead. I just dared no think of the consequences and continued to pick up each broken brick one at a time. My fingers ached and my palms bled.

"Sean!" My father called out to me, "Get down here. I'm not going to lose you too!"

"But I can hear her!" I yelled back at him.

He quickly climbed up the broken brickwork to join me. There was then a sudden explosion causing the sky to light up with a bright white glow, followed by nothing but darkness, while an eerie humming noise filled the air.

I awoke in my bed screaming with tears flowing down my face, the memories of the war six months earlier still fresh in my mind.


Chapter 2:

I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to my parents who were busying themselves staring at the television. I hurried over to my mum and sat beside her on the sofa then practically wrapped her arm around me in a forced hug.

"What's wrong?" My mother asked, "Was it another bad dream again?"

"Mhmm," I said with my face still coated in tears.

Something then caught my eye as appearing odd, both my parents were staring at the television at a news report and not paying as much attention to me as I would have normally received.

"Well I think you should go back up to bed," my mother said, "Erm, try to get some rest."

It wasn't her usual response.

"What is it?" I said, "What's going on?"

I looked toward the television screen and could see a man speaking to camera about the devil and the day of judgement. I guessed he must have been a religious man but it didn't appear to be a religious broadcast. My parents weren't overly religious either so I wondered why it had caught their interest.

"You should go to bed Sean," my father said, "You can sleep with the light on if you're scared."

"But I'm..." I responded.

Before I had chance to finish my sentence a monstrous face appeared on the television screen and began talking to the news reporter.

"You have had your chance and failed," it said with a slivvery whisper of a voice, "You evil creatures breed hate and violence."

"But our war is over," the man said to the creature, "Us humans are now at peace."

The creature stared into the camera knowing full well what was said was being broadcast around the world.

"But for how long?" It said with the same creepy tone, "You are destined to destroy this planet, it's within your nature."

The creature held up a disc shaped device within its strange looking hand.

"You are planetary pests and we will wipe you from existence to save this planet," it said.

The disc in its hand lit up and a beam of light shot against the reporter's body. He was no more. My parents and I jumped from our seats screaming at the terrible sight on the television.


Chapter 3:

Within a few minutes my parents were frantically packing and getting me ready to evacuate our home. It wasn't the first time we had to leave in such a rush and I was reminded of the war where my sister had perished, causing me a deep grief inside and resentment that I had survived. I wasn't sure if this time however that any of us were going to live.

After getting dressed my mother quickly attached a backpack over my shoulder and we hurried outside. It was very early morning and still dark. Dozens of people in our street were also doing the same and rushing to find a place of safety, but as where we were going to go was anyone's guess.

"Head for the beach!" I heard a voice call out causing us to follow without being truely sure if it was the best idea.

We all ran as a large group heading towards the nearby beach and the many caves that surrounded it. I almost took a tumble against the rough ground as we headed closer. It was going to be far more difficult to run on the wet sand as it had been raining just recently.

"We'll hide then wait it out!" Someone yelled, "These aliens will soon leave once they think we're gone!"

The moment we reached the wet surface of the sandy beach we received the shock of our lives as hundreds of the devil creatures surfaced from the sea and calmly headed in our direction, each holding a disc shaped weapon. We all stood in fear knowing we had nowhere to go.

"Close your eyes," my mother whispered as she crouched beside me holding me in her arms.

My father did the same and we awaited the inevitable while the sounds of screams echoed around us. There was then another sound, something familiar, an eerie humming followed by a bright light.


Chapter 4:

The bright light continued flashing through the air ahead of us and I couldn't help but stare as the humming sound appeared to shock the devil creatures. I was sure they knew what it was, yet part of me felt I also knew as my burried memories of the past flashed through my mind. That hidden memory was confirmed as a blue box magically materialised in front of us.

The noise and the bright light stopped and all was calm, apart from the screaming people heading for the caves. Quite a few of the devil creatures were frighened too running back into the sea. My parents and I stared in wonder sensing that something was about to exit the doors.

"Is that the police?" My father said softly with total puzzlement.

The door of the blue box opened and out popped a very unusual looking man. His attire was that of a Victorian man yet something about him felt out of this world. Maybe he wasn't a man at all but an angel sent to rid the world of the alien devils.

"Hello," the man said casually in our direction.

"Um, hello," my father responded.

"I'm the Doctor," the man said.

Suddenly one of the devil creatures hurried towards the blue box and held its disc shaped weapon in its outstretched hand pointing it at the strange man.

"You will die doctor," it said with a slivery voice.

The man quickly pulled out a device of his own and pointed it up in the air causing a high pitched vibrating squeal. The devil's disc weapon exploded within its grasp causing the creature to drop it to the ground before fleeing in fear.

"What happened?" I quickly blurted out.

"I reversed the polarity of its heat ray," the man said as he placed his screwdriver shaped device back into his pocket.

My parents and I continued to stare in amazement at what the man from the blue box had done.

"Now I need your help," he said as he approached, "The Tardis had detected a power weapon nearby that can devastate pretty much the entire planet. I need to destroy it but I can't do it alone."

"But what can we do?" My mother said still in disbelief as to what was happening.

"Basically I need a distraction," he said.

"We need to kill the aliens," I quickly said.

The man shook his head.

"Not quite no," he said shaking his head, "And they are not aliens they're a species known as Silurians. They've lived here for far longer than human beings and I've no wish to harm their race. War is never the answer."


Chapter 5:

"I remember that blue box," I said softly while pointing.

"You do?" Said the man who called himself the Doctor.

"I'm sure of it," I said while trying my best to think back to the events during the war, "I remember if from when when our house was destroyed by a bomb and Paula went missing."

"Hmm," the Doctor said as he looked down at me.

My mother held me close.

"Don't worry about him, he often has shaky memories of that day," she told the Doctor, "In fact we were all shaken up badly that day."

"It's a police box Sean," my father told me, "There are a lot of them around. That's what you're remembering."

"Quite the contrary," the Doctor said, "This is certainly no police box, and your son Sean could in fact be remembering a future event rather than one from the past, from my point of view anyway."

My parents and I had no idea what he was talking about. The Doctor glanced his head around the beach, we were alone.

"Now I suggest we get going," the Doctor said, "The Silurian device will be ready soon and we have precious little time to stop it."

He walked towards the blue box and held open the door for us.


Chapter 6:

Something about the Doctor's mannerisms and charm made him appear trusting and all three of us headed into the blue box, known as the Tardis, without hesitation. Our eyes were wide and I felt totally mesmerised as I walked around the large console in the middle of the room. The Doctor pressed a button on the control panel and the doors closed.

"It's bigger on the inside," my father gasped, "How can that be?"

"Temporal displacement," the Doctor said calmly, "It's pretty basic fourth dimensional physics."

We looked at him, but from his smile we could see he knew we didn't understand a single word.

"Well, leaving that explanation aside, why are we in here?" My mother asked the Doctor, "Shouldn't we be doing something about that device you mentioned?"

"Exactly!" Said the Doctor before pressing another button on the control panel opening the doors.

It was an unnerving feeling to realise we were no longer at the beach and was inside a large warehouse building. It felt as though we hadn't moved at all yet we clearly had.

"Hmm," said the Doctor, "I had expected a welcoming committee, but it seems we weren't expected."

"Surely that's a good thing?" Said my mother.

"Perhaps," the Doctor responded as he headed in the direction of a large object at the far side of the warehouse.

My parents and I followed him to what looked like a row of metallic tennis ball shaped objects spread across a table. Large electric cables led from the table, across the floor of the warehouse, up into the roof. There was also a television screen type display indicating some kind of countdown in alien symbols.

"We're not too late are we?" I quickly asked causing my voice to echo within the warehouse.

"No, but it's going to be close," replied the Doctor as he pulled out his screwdriver shaped device from his pocket.

The large doors as the back of the warehouse opened up and in walked three of the devil creatures. The moment they saw us they broke into a run in our direction, luckily they didn't appear to be armed.

"This is most odd," the Doctor said as he activated his screwdriver and moved it across the control panel.

My father quickly grabbed my arm and lifted me, carrying me away from the devil creatures, while my mother ran alongside.

"The Doctor needs our help!" I shouted.

The creatures followed us, as though excited by the thought of attacking us, as we hurried to the corner of the warehouse. There was nowhere for us to go however and the moment we reached the wall we suddenly stopped while my father tried to figure out how to get away from the creatures. It didn't take long for them to catch up with us and my mother screamed before putting her arms around me and my father.

"What have you done?!" The Doctor yelled at the devil creatures.

We all looked toward the control panel which was now filled with blinking red lights. It appeared we had been successful in acting as a diversion after all.

"The human race is evil and must be stopped," one of the creatures slivered.

"Where did you get this device?!" The Doctor snapped.

"We acquired it from a damaged vessel," one of the other devil creatures responded.

The Doctor walked towards us, firmly within his confident stride, with no fear of the creatures.

"Well you're lucky I managed to deactivate it because this is Dalek technology," he said, "If you let this explode you would not have only wiped out the human race but the entire planet."

The creatures looked at one another wondering if the Doctor was telling the truth.

"Even so, the humans must be wiped out," one of the creatures said.

"A simple thank you is the customary response," the Doctor said, "Now I suggest you go back to your hibernation and I'll keep a watchful eye on the human race, and make sure this planet is protected."


Chapter 7:

It was just a short time later that the Doctor returned us to the beach within his Tardis. I still couldn't believe how fast it took to travel. Part of me still felt he was not of this Earth and was in fact an angel. The Devil creatures took his word and trusted that he would do what was right.

"Thank you for your help," the Doctor said to me and my parents, "Now I must be on my way, and it's clear from what you've told me that I have a date with the past."

We stepped out of the Tardis onto the sandy beach, which had become deserted, apart from a few people still hiding among the caves.

"What do you mean Doctor?" I said.

The doors of the Tardis closed and the light atop lit up as the humming sound vibrated the sand on the beach. Within moments the Tardis had vanished.

"Well, I'll guess we'll never know," my father said.

"We've helped save the world today," said my mother, "Let's be grateful for that and go home."

We calmly walked up the beach as the gentle breeze blew with the sound of the sea behind us. There was then another noise, the same humming as before, as the Tardis re-materialised.

All three of us turned around as the doors opened wondering what the Doctor wanted. A figure of a child exited.

"Paula!" I screamed out as I ran down the beach towards her with my parents alongside.



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