Fairy Girl: The main character doesn't reveal her true name preferring to keep it secret. Her origins are unknown and she's not a true fairy but rather a lifeform taking the form of one. She's five feet tall, far too tall for a real fairy, but she does possess the ability to fly using her powerful fly-like wings that she keeps folded neatly behind her back whilst not in use. She came into existence in the late 1800s and is over one hundred years old. She wears a white dress that has become tatty and worn over time but she cannot replace it due to it being physically part of her own body. Due to an accident early in her life she has a crooked nose and a missing little toe on her right foot. Her skin is tinted light green giving the illusion that she is wearing body makeup. Throughout her life she has always communicated telepathically with her fellow species but has had to learn to speak out loud when talking with humans. This causes her to appear shy but in fact the reason for her quietness is due to her not being used to verbal communication.

Veronique: Born in France, Veronique came to England in her early twenties just before the outbreak of war. She is now in her eighties and lives alone in a small cottage surrounded by a very large and overgrown garden. She has many fairy-like friends who keep her company in her older years as well as helping her maintain the lush green lawn.

Becky: One of Fairy Girl's many fans who has witnessed her flying around the city. Becky is a teenager who was totally obsessed by fairies when she was a child. However her love of all things fairy diminished as she grew up only to be revived once more when she met Fairy Girl.

Ray: A photographer who is trying to track down Fairy Girl's whereabouts in order to obtain an exclusive picture that he can sell to the newspapers. He's in his early forties and is very muscular. He suspects that Fairy Girl may in fact be an angel sent from Heaven.

Tomtims: Veronique's pet fluffy cat. He loves to explore the garden and to sleep next to Fairy Girl's feet.


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